Author’s Note: Blog Take Two


You are probably wondering  why this post is entitled ‘Blog Take Two’. I had made a blog earlier this year that I could not find the time to pursue. Now, I’m back with a little more time to spare. I hope I never have to make a third attempt. These attempts are exhausting.

*clears throat* Welcome to Cosmopolite Wannabe!

I am the writer, Shioban Dillon. Shevi for short. Please use Shevi. Don’t get a headache trying to spell my name right in the comments. I have created this site to showcase my insatiable love for pop-culture (books, movies, tv shows, celebrities), travel and other random (and sometimes important) tidbits.

Why Cos…Cosm…Cosmopolite?

Shevi’s thoughts and interests (seen left)–source:

From what I could find (i.e. Google), a cosmopolite is a citizen of the word, belonging to the world–free from local ideas, national prejudices or attachments. I stumbled upon this term in high school and have been in love with it ever since. Although I live in one country, why can’t I have interests that span the globe? There are no limits to what I love and what I love to discuss. It is my wish to share my interests with you, readers, in the hope of making connections.

You can find out more about the site in the ‘meet the one woman band’ and ‘what makes up the blog’ sections. But I wanted to make this introductory post because first impressions are always important.

Is this your first time blogging?

I would like to think my livejournal posts in high school count. But that had been more than likely created to pass the time. And ramble. Lots of rambling. While I was studying Media and Communication, we touched on blogging. It was how I discovered WordPress and Tumblr. But, it was not until after my undergraduate years that I entertained serious thoughts about blogging. Then Masters happened….you know what? I am just going to conclude this is my second time.

Any other interests?

But I do make a mean prose passage.

But I do make a mean prose passage.

Creative writing. I think that’s it. Sad to say, I’m very boring.

Happy reading!



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