Musical Mentions -‘All About That Bass’ is for EVERY Woman


I am going to admit it: I’m a skinny bitch.

But I still love this song.

Yep, even she is all about that bass.

Yep, even she is all about that bass.

There is controversy milling about in the internet world that this song is about ‘skinny-shaming’. Skinny-shaming?? When did that become a thing? With the crazy media we have, that term is highly paradoxical. The song is not just about plus size women The song is not about those who subscribe the ‘au natural’ form of beauty. This song is about embracing your body type, no matter the size, shape, texture and questionable/silicon body parts.

She may say that ‘skinny bitches’ have nothing on her but it’s not to shame those who are slim. She is shaming the media and society for thinking that slim body types are the height of beauty. The ‘skinny bitches’ are symbolic for that mentality.

Besides, I doubt Meghan Trainor wants plus size women everywhere to start calling slim women ‘skinny bitches’.

At least, I would like to think she doesn’t expect that.

Photoshop THAT? What would be the point?

Photoshop THAT? What would be the point?

Don’t over think the song, people. Meghan Trainor is simply telling girls–slim, plus size and in between–that the magazines depict fantasy. Even Jennifer Lawrence says it. She plays Mystique because of her amazing figure and they still ‘photo-shopped’ her in magazine covers. The media are never satisfied, folks.

So, come on women! Be you–slim, plus size or in between–and shake whatever your Momma gave you to the video.



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