TV Recaps-Downton Abbey Series 5 Premiere: Poor Lady Edith!


Hey, TV addicts! Let’s talk.

So let’s start with the fact that I am in love with British television. I could tell you why but I don’t have all night. I will say that it is just as lengthy as the reason I love Doctor Who. This love, coupled with the fact that I am a history buff? It was inevitable that Downton Abbey should meet my radar.

The situations were gripping. The deaths were heartbreaking. The characters were well-developed. I was falling for it-hook, line and sinker.

So now we move on to the highlights of the Series 5 Premiere.

  • *sniff* If you're not feeling sad, you are inhuman.

    *sniff* If you’re not feeling sad, you are inhuman.

    Lady Edith and her ‘mommy cravings’– The first scene of the premiere starts out with Lady Edith secretly meeting her child. My gosh, how far did they go into the years? The kids have certainly grown and look completely adorable. They even have Sybil’s kid adorably mistaking her grandfather for an animal. Classic. But I think the most heartfelt child scenes are with Lady Edith playing with her child. A child who is clueless of the fact that her mother holds her. Lady Edith’s struggle to remain aloof have probably warmed any Downton Abbey fan’s heart. If you were an Edith hater (which probably translates to a die-hard Lady Mary fan, teehee), then you certainly won’t be with these scenes. The writers seem to have so much fun in her struggle that they let her cause a fire. Now, she is roomless and childless. Thanks, writers.

  • Labour government stigma? And other political backdrops I don’t seem to get– The rebellious Irish were a more understanding political backdrop than this. I’m not versed with the history of British politics. My simple mind supposedly grasped that the Labour government is not on the side of the traditional estate residents. Well, we all knew times would change.
  • She's like the 1920's version of Atlanta Housewives.

    She’s like the 1920’s version of Atlanta Housewives.

    Some Teachers Need to Learn Tact- I had to slide this one in there. Sarah Bunting, we get that you are outspoken and highly political. But goodness, can’t people enjoy their meals in peace? She went on and on; in manner highly displeasing. Decorum, woman. I want Tom to find an ordinary person but I would also like her to be polite. Can’t blame Lord Grantham for this one, folks.

  • We got to see sex! Well, some of it. I had to slide this one in too. I mean it’s not every day that the distinguished and classy Downton Abbey has characters steaming the sheets. There are more implications about sex on this show than any subtle nineties song (‘Everytime it Rains’, for instance. Yes, cringe as you realize you enjoyed that song when you were six).
  • Come on, Lady Mary. It's not rocket science.

    Come on, Lady Mary. It’s not rocket science.

    Suitors Galore! And Lady Mary, just eenie-meenie-minie-moe it. Seriously, Lady Mary, just choose one. They are both great men in their own right. I had a friend who flipped a coin. Not the best methods but it got the job done. She had a nice time with him. So blindfold yourself, spin around and stumble to whomever catches your hand. Just stop dragging this out. But Lady Isobel? Get yours, hun! Don’t let the Dowager Countess think you can’t handle a little position.

All in all, this premiere set the tone for a great season in Downton Abbey-ville. I can’t wait for more.


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