TV Recap Monday-Boy Bruce is Awesome, Sleepy Hollow Reaches A New Level of Creepy

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Gotham: Bruce, Bruce, Bruce!

Me: *points and squeals*It's Poison Ivy!

Me: *points and squeals*It’s Poison Ivy!

The premiere of Gotham had me chanting one thing: more Bruce scenes! From the moment that little star actor stepped into the huge pressure-no pressure role of THE Bruce Wayne, I have loved him. Yes, James Gordon is a bit of an interesting character in his own right. In fact, it seems he will be the hero for the show. Unfortunately, whenever there were Bruce, Catwoman or Harvey Dent (you know it’s him) scenes, I forgot Jim in an instant. Even Poison Ivy and the Riddle (!!!) got their own scenes. Ooh, it filled my geeky little heart with glee!

I do!  I do!

I do! I do!

If the show continues with the heroes/villains cameos, I might stick around. I mean, after that great Penguin performance, who’s up for seeing a teenage Joker? But, I’m not too sure about the ‘Jim is the hero’ angle the show portrays. It’s like watching Smallville but from Pete’s POV. In the backdrop, you’re seeing the amazing feats of Superman but there are mostly Pete scenes. Not that enticing, huh? Anyway, I’ll suffer through it because I’m a fan of superhero origins. The reason I stuck so long with Smallville.

But there is one positive to Jim’s POV. We now get a chance to see how truly despicable the level and power of crime has gotten in Gotham city. [Sidenote: Jada Pinkett Smith’s Fish Mooney was fun to watch.] Let’s be honest, when we saw Gotham City from Batman’s POV, we have only gotten a superficial overview of the crime levels before Bruce saves the day. Which leads me back to my chant: boy Bruce, boy Bruce, boy Bruce!

Rating: 8.5/10

Sleepy Hollow: Creepy level 100

I’m not going divulge much details into the season premiere. The start-up was a bit slow and very obvious that it was a dream sequence. Mm. Not a fan of those anymore. You have seen a hundred of them, you’ve seen them all. I understand why Ichabod’s son had to use that method. But I was just not feeling it. When Ichabod and ‘Left-tenant’ figured out they were tricked, that was when the show’s pace started to pick up.

It be those crazy eyes, I bet.

It be those crazy eyes, I bet.

Jenny is my new kick ass queen. Don’t worry, Melinda May, I will always love you. But my gosh, Jenny can pack a punch when she’s supposedly tied down and helpless. Katrina tried something similar but failed. By the way, a headless horseman’s 200-year-old obsession with a female caused me severe whiplash of the creepy.

Go on, with your 250 year old sexy self!

Go on, with your 250-year-old sexy self!

Added to the fact that he thinks she can fall in love with him again? Have you seen Ichabod? Clearly, he’s been gone without his head for too long to know that there is truly no comparison. If I was him, I would be practical. Before kidnapping Katrina, I would use the necklace on another woman and ask how I looked for a headless demon from the deep. But that’s just my two cents.

Lastly, Mr. SinEater–Ichabod’s son–disgusts me. You’re going to help Malach wage a holy war because of your abandonment issues? Does this boy (yes, he looks like 60 but he’s immature) know how much his mother sacrificed to save him? My mother always feared we would be ungrateful children. I should introduce her to him and then she would love me forever.

Rating: 8/10


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