#Post-TGIT Recap: Bones May be Boycotted, No Heart Attack News in Scandal…Yet and How To Get Away Redefined ‘Lawyered’

Hey TV addicts,

Happy #Post-TGIT! I am sure you all have recovered from the excitement of Thursday night. I, personally am still reeling from what was revealed on Bones, Scandal and How to Get Away…so, let’s talk!

Bones- You Kill Sweets, You Kill My Interest

I was never a fan of any death that happened on Bones. I think the one with the British squint hit me hardest but I still watched the show.

Then Sweets’ death happened.

Excuse me? Say what now? Who did you kill?

The squints are one thing. The Bones family is a completely different story.

Really John? You couldn't wait until AFTER Bones! *grumbles*

Really John? You couldn’t wait until AFTER Bones! *grumbles*

I wasn’t much of a hardcore Bones fan until season 4, after the drama of Zac Addy and the ‘Gormaggon.’ (I binge watch selectively at times). I came into season 4, discovering Sweets and loving him to bits. Then he met Daisy and she was his ‘Lancelot’ and their scenes always made me smile. Even the break-ups! Now, she’s pregnant and he doesn’t get to experience Fatherhood?! The general response should be ‘Screw you, Bones writers!’, but unfortunately–like Dan Stevens from Downton Abbey–John Francis Davey decides to have more ambition -_-.

Okay, okay, let me not be mean. I won’t be that fan who badmouth actors who decide to branch out into other things. But damn it, couldn’t he wait? Daisy is pregnant! Think of the baby! *shakes head*

'Sweets 2' or 'Sweet Sequel'? Which should I use?

‘Sweets 2’ or ‘Sweet Sequel’? Which should I use?

And I saw what you did there, Bones writers. Conveniently slipping in a ‘Sweets 2’ called James Aubrey. I should have known from there. At first, I didn’t like it. The show wasn’t big enough for two adorable professionals. But then he just had to look at Christine and make that cute comment about getting one of those. Made me smile. Now I feel like a traitor to Sweets.

I’m still pissed, but now that I know the writers weren’t at fault, I will suck up this death and try to move on. Can’t speak for the rest of the Bones fans. I see lower ratings in the future….

P.S.- My favourite scene has to be when Bones blackmailed that judge. Can the woman make logic and reasoning seem badass or what?

Rating: 8/10

Scandal-Nothing that Caused a Heart Attack Today.

Julia seemed to be quite happy.

Julia seemed to be quite happy.

I won’t say that the heart attack reveals are the basis of the show. I’m just surprised I wasn’t clutching my chest at the end of the episode. There were little juicy details in the middle, of course. But no ultimate shocker that had me staring at the credits, waiting for my brain to recover. I guess there wouldn’t be any when Olivia Pope changes her name to Julia and runs away with Jake.

I am both glad that she’s back (drraaaammaaa!) and sad that she won’t return on the island with Jake. It was a really nice prospect. It’s JAKE. Yes, before I go any further, I am-and will always be–a Jake/Olivia fan. At first, the Olivia/Fitz scenes were amusing but I never thought they had much depth. Mellie has depth. Olivia had a mistress house. Who do you think I’m going to choose?

Seeing the gang and their nuances was also a sight for deprived eyes. Hey Huck! Your misanthropic rants warm my heart. Hey Red! They call you Red because you’re the Olivia replacement. Hey Quinn! You are surprisingly less annoying. Keep it up. I even missed Cyrus with his witty speech and Fitz’s thirst for Olivia gave me such sadistic glee.

And if you don't want to bathe, that's okay too.

And if you don’t want to bathe, that’s okay too.

But the most missed character? Mellie. Recovering from a child’s death is no easy task and Mellie showed that completely. She also doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the public anymore so Lizzie Bear can go stuff it. Take all the time you need, Mellie. We’re grieving with you.

Rating: 8.5/10


How to Get Away With Murder-The Adult Show for Age 18+ Suits Fans

Goodness, where do I start? Scandal may have shown the calm before the storm but How to Get Away showed the storm before I was fully acquainted with the characters. Getting rid of a body? It was like a Misfits episode shown in reverse. Then, at the end, when they revealed the body a whole host of suspects were just waiting to be explored. I have my top two suspects so far.

But my money is on Prof. Keating. Have you seen her fierceness?

But my money is on Prof. Keating. Have you seen her fierceness?

Professor Keating. The wifey who has been pressured to have his kids and cheats on him with a beautiful (personal opinion–for any straight female with eyes, frankly) black policeman. The mistress, Bonnie Winterbottom. If you didn’t think she was the mistress, then you are probably a man or not paying attention. I am quite aware that these are obvious suspects. And with any Shonda-produced show, nothing is ever as it seems. So, these are very much subject to change.

But I don't think I would do this for a reference.

But I don’t think I would do this for a reference.

Onto another topic of interest. The ambitious students. There is a reason lawyers are synonymous to ‘uptight, arrogant, douches’. I’m not surprised Wes Gibbins was on the waiting list. He seems to be the only human there…until you realize later down that he’s helping to burn a dead body. Anyway, the point is, these kids will stop at nothing to be under the coveted wings of Professor Keating. It’s called a reference, people. God knows how many kiss-up students I saw at university. Sidenote: I don’t like the character Matt McGorry plays in this show. Hurry up and be John Bennet from OITNB again, Matt.

source: Springfield tv screencaps


Lastly, I have to point out the ‘lawyered’ aspect of the show. This is where it is a bit like Suits but more Viola Davis-fierce. The best example has to be when Wes states he doesn’t want to work with Prof. Keating just because he knows her dirty little secrets. And then she shuts down his concern like he was nothing but a gnat. I am not worthy enough to explain the level of ‘lawyered’ she used. I can only just report on how fantastic it was. Watch and see for yourself.

Rating: 9/10

Until the next #post-TGIT post, TV addicts.

Keep watching.

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