TV Recap Sunday- Downton Abbey Gets Modern, Emily Shows Some Vulnerability in Revenge and Resurrection Is Still Confusing


Hey TV addicts. Let’s talk.

Revenge and Resurrection are back. Yippee. Just the right dose of bloodthirsty revenge and scifi conundrums to make Sunday nights special. They now join the magical history of Downton Abbey.  All I need are my zombies again and Sundays will be as exciting as TGIF.

Downton Abbey- “Why Is It Called a Wireless When It Has So Many Wires?”

And she says she's dumb!

And she says she’s dumb!

Yes Daisy, the irony of it all. Downton Abbey’s theme for this week was changes. With the world turning a new page in communication, change was bound to happen. But it wasn’t only the newly installation of a wireless that brought on change. A number of people had to face hard decisions because of the change around them. Heck, even Thomas got a little emotional! I felt sorry for the bastard for two seconds. Then remembered he was still a bastard and stopped.

Cheer up, Mosley. The world isn't black and white.

Cheer up, Molesly. The world isn’t black and white.

Mr. Molesly had to change his perspective of Ms. Baxter when he finds out the truth about her from Thomas. I think he will get over it soon enough. I did love that Ms. Baxter just told it like it was. She didn’t beg for forgiveness or plead with him to remember all the ‘good times’ they had. She just said she was a thief and left him to grapple with it. He’ll come around. He’s Molesly. He can’t hold a grudge to save his existence.

The crazy thing is those fanfictions may exist...

The crazy thing is those fanfictions may exist…

Mr. Carson had to experience change, not only from the wireless but also his relationship with Ms. Hughes. There are days, Carson, when people may not be in agreement with you. His ‘I hate when we don’t see eye to eye, Ms. Hughes’ (or something like that. I’m bad with quotes. And names) was such an ‘aww’ factor. What? Like you never secretly wondered if Carson and Hughes could have been a thing. Leave my fanfiction musings alone.

This has nothing to do with the paragraph. I just thought it was funny.

This has nothing to do with the paragraph. I just thought it was funny.

The scene with Anna was hilarious. Poor thing. She’s married and they still judge her right to have a child. Now, health care workers just look bored if you ask for such things. So I’ve seen. Let’s move on. Hopefully, Lady Mary can finally make a choice. We can have a second wedding for her and this one doesn’t die. Speaking of beaus, what is going on with Cora? I know that with everything happening around her, she has not been the center of attention. I have a feeling a little plot twist between Simon and Cora will creep up on us and hit us in the face. Lord Grantham certainly saw it.

Lastly, the police is unto Bates. Crap. I thought everything was straightened out when he killed Green (Of course he killed Green. Have you seen Bates?). The Anna and Bates love saga might end next week because of it. Let’s hope they run away somewhere safe.

Rating: 8/10

Revenge-Victoria is Back and She Knows Your Little Secret


If they killed her father too, maybe she would have been more grateful.

All seemed happily ever after and rainbows in the season 4 premiere. She and ‘po-po’ Jack are still friends. Victoria was declared insane, Conrad was killed and Daniel is destitute. But little did Emily know that she had one other enemy to battle: herself. If Aiden was still alive, maybe she would have been happier. He isn’t and she is still hurting. Which is why she decided to go on some bloodthirsty manhunt for those women who have lost their fiances in an almost cruel way. This backfires, obviously, because they are not as revenge-addicted as Emily Thorne. I mean, Amanda Clarke. I mean….

Whatever. Why is her father alive?

Silly David. Tricks will get you killed.

Silly David. Tricks will get you killed.

More importantly; if this guy was alive, why didn’t he try to collect his daughter. Kidnap her, even? I mean, he was already a fugitive. Ain’t like it was going to get better. I tried all summer to grapple with the writers’ decision to bring back David. Now that I’ve watched the premiere, I understand where they’re going. Or, I hope they’re thinking what I’m thinking. If Emily knows her entire revenge plan was in vain, it would be easier to let go of the addiction. She’ll come to realize this…probably in her forties.

Because Aiden died for her to avenge her father’s death. And daddy dearest is suddenly alive? I won’t be surprised if she tries to finish the job with a war cry and a kitchen knife.

She looks good for crazy.

She looks good for crazy.

Then Victoria escaped…beautifully. I hate the woman but I have to admire how she works. Manipulation and strategy were the two things that came natural to her. I knew she would find a way to escape somehow. Now, let’s see what she can cook up infront of the man she betrayed all those years ago. This should be an interesting conversation.

I won’t get into Daniel or Charlotte’s drama. Daniel, I lost all faith in that boy since he shot Emily. Ain’t no way I am spending my time typing about him. Charlotte doesn’t know anything and if she continues to remain ignorant, I will plead to the writers to remove her. Send her to Boca. I hate her dialogue with people who know better.

Rating: 9/10

Resurrection-Can’t Even Come Up With Something Snappy, That’s How Confused I Feel

I’m going to make this quick since this show has taken me onto a journey that is rivalling some of the more confusing Doctor Who plots. Martin wakes up in a similar field like Jacob did. He runs around town trying to make sense of what has happened to him. Almost beats up that idiot drunk cop, Fred Langston, almost bangs Fred’s daughter (I kid, I kid. But that needs to happen soon), tries to leave his home and the mysterious lady who was watching his every move hints at the fact that he’s one of the returned.


Why? Why? WHY?

Looking amazing and fresh from the grave.

Looking amazing and fresh from the grave.

Why are they returning dead loved ones? Why did they return Bellamy? Why in the hell are the government keeping them?? Lastly, are all the dead Game of Thrones characters going to be starring in this show? Lady Catelyn is back! I hope we see the Red Viper ^_^. Moving on, you writers clearly watched a lot of Doctor Who in your childhood and have decided to create a show that makes the words reason and why seem irrelevant.

No, that’s compliment. Keep me guessing.

For now I’ll just enjoy Lady Catelyn slap Fred in an effort to toughen him up.

Rating: 10/10


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