TV Recap Monday: Cat Got Some Claws in Gotham, Sleepy Hollow Repeats An Old Story and Castle Was AHuge WTF Start to Finish

tv recap sunday

Hey TV addicts. Let’s talk.

This Monday Castle premiered. Now I’m not sure what exactly the writers have in mind but I have a feeling I’m not going to like it. But I’m jumping the gun. Let’s move on to something I have figured out. Gotham.

Gotham- The Catwoman Is About to Be Born.

Can you blame me for wanting to be her when I was a kid?

Can you blame me for wanting to be her when I was a kid?

One constant trait in the never ending saga of Batman movies I have watched is that Catwoman only thinks about herself and her survival. Everyone else can go screw themselves. Every other human that is. Selena only likes her cats. She’s like a badass cat lady in leather, I love it. But I digress. Sorry. Catwoman is one of my favourite superheroes/villains. I love cats. Need a better explanation? Anyway, in this episode she sees two child-snatchers who work for the Dollmaker kidnap a bunch of homeless kids.

I’m going to flash forward on this review for two reasons. One, is that as much as the Dollmaker is an interesting villain, he doesn’t make an appearance so I don’t really care about the adventures of the child snatchers. Two, I seem to have figured Gotham’s charm out (or at least why I keep watching). It’s not about the plot but about the characters. Shaping the great heroes/villains of Gotham. That has to be the only reason why Selena shone in episode two, like Boy Bruce owned the premiere.

So Selena calms a little kid down, takes her own advice and ‘goes for the eyes’ and almost outsmarts the child snatchers. Then, when she couldn’t get her own way again, becomes a little brat and threatens a harmless policeman to see Jim Gordon. She meets Jim Gordon and becomes the saint who will tell him all about the Wayne murders. She’s a saint. Then a villain. Then a villain and then saint. Yes! That’s Catwoman! Brilliant, writers. You have won ten more points in my book.

Oh boy Bruce, you'll learn soon enough.

Oh boy Bruce, you’ll learn soon enough.

Boy Bruce Updates: Boy Bruce has taken on harming himself in an effort to toughen up. Hm. Not the best method, Boy Bruce. But I see your reasons. As the story goes, however, one day he will see a psychologist. Who won’t help him. Until he conquers his fear of bats. Too see that in the (*crosses fingers*) sixth or so season would just make my DAY. Sidenote: I’m sorry, but this Alfred is showing a lot of emotion–still in a dignified way–but for Alfie, it’s a lot. Dial it back down. The cool and composed Alfred is the most endearing part of Gotham.

I’m telling you, the original DC Gotham characters (even Riddler!) are making this show into a success.

Rating: 8/10

Sleepy Hollow- Are You Sure We Didn’t do the Rescue Katrina Story?

I’m pretty sure we did. I’m 95% sure.

If you tilt your head a bit, he looks almost human.

If you tilt your head a bit, he looks almost human.

So Ichabod is determined to rescue his wife from the clutches of the Horseman. But they know that they’re no match for it. So, a little digging comes up with the Kindred. It’s like Frankenstein with no mouth but who can actually walk normal and produce some wicked fighting moves. Anyway, because it was made by Benjamin Franklin it was almost perfect to use against the Horseman. And its a sweet thing, really. Protecting Abby and grunting for her to ‘Go, he’s got this’. I hope we see him again. He reminds me of Ghostrider with less fire.

But Henry ruins it with his abandonment issues and uses his soul soldier (I am extremely bad with names, okay. I could google it, but for now, his little fighter is the soul soldier) to help the Horseman against the Kindred. I know, I know. This seems like a recap but I can honestly tell you that was probably the only part of the episode that wasn’t repeated.

She better not develop Stockholm Syndrome or she will go.

She better not develop Stockholm Syndrome or she will go.

Even the interaction with Crane and Katrina. Why did she listen to the Horseman? There must be something wrong with the telephone system in the Purgatory. For the entire first season, Katrina has been telling Crane not to worry about her. Worry about the town. Save the town. He wanted you out of Purgatory but you kept telling him to not worry and think of the greater good. I thought when she was finally out of it, she would want to run away from the Horseman. But she tells Crane again to leave her there as a mole.

Sigh. Come on. This lasted over 40 minutes?

Captain Irving! See, Reyes, no one likes you.

Captain Irving! See, Reyes, no one likes you.

After all the crap they went through to get the Kindred, she wants to stay? I mean, I get that she wants to be the mole. But I would still knock her out and carry her away simply because of my efforts to even reach her. Anyway, Captain Irving is back. He’s in jail but at least we get to see his honest face. The new captain though? She needs to go. Her ignorance annoys me. Either she dies an ignorant death with her ‘sanity’ crap or she sees the light very soon…then dies because we all love Captain Irving more. 🙂

I’ll be good now and just post the rating.

Rating: 8.5/10

Castle-Ahh…um….ehh….*shakes head and puts up hands in surrounder* Can’t do This One.

But I must. I have been a Castle fan from the very beginning (and no binge-watchers, I don’t mean in the summer) and so I feel obligated to talk about the episode. Or what lacked in the episode.

  • Closure. I know that a lot of Castle episodes are concluded in the next episode. But this…this one was ridiculous. At the end of the episode, we’re left to wonder why Castle was kidnap. That sounds familiar…wait! Isn’t that the same question we asked this summer? Writers, some answers please! 40 minutes of airtime, let’s not waste it


And that dress was so HER.

And that dress was so HER.

  • Are they ever getting married?- Because it seems once they’re in bridal wear, the world keeps crashing around them. Freak tsunamis might occur when they tie the knot. Which annoys me because we’ve been waiting for seven years. 40 minutes, writers! You can cut the entire wedding scene to like 4 minutes. We don’t mind. We just want them to get married.

It just ended on a really cold note. Rare feeling when those two are together. They need to get to the bottom of it. But knowing Castle, we won’t know until the winter hiatus.

Rating: 8.5/10


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