(Mini) #Post-TGIT Recap- Bones Says Her Best Line Yet, Mellie Steals The Show, Vampire Diaries Is Too Depressing and How to Get Away Is Getting Addictive.


Hey TV addicts.

I apologize once more for the delay. The Chik v is everywhere. I further apologize for the mini-review. The Google chrome crash erased this draft as well. So, I had a bad day as the song goes. Next week Friday, everything will be back on track. Let’s move on to the mini-reviews. They’ll make me feel better.

It's not your fault, James. The timing is just bad.

It’s not your fault, James. The timing is just bad.

Bones- I had a slightly insane feeling that Lance was not dead. But that lasted for only three seconds. He was dead, dead as dirt. Well, at least they captured the killer. A pencil pushing, egotistical piece of shit. Lance’s death was still so much of a shock that the killer’s downfall felt somewhat anticlimactic. No matter how they found the killer, it wasn’t going to bring Sweets back. But uh..sigh…James was a nice bundle of amusement amid the tragedy. Unfortunately, I might be the only one who likes him.

The end scene was the best one in a long time. As much as I love Bones’ confusion at the most banal things; when she gets it right, it can be remarkable. Her understanding and emotions transcend any belief or ideal. She finds them mysterious and inexplicable. I like that. I like that she doesn’t try to catalogue what she feels. Respect, Bones. You convinced me to keep watching.

Rating: 8/10

How poignant is this scene? :(

How poignant is this scene? 😦

Scandal: I may be a bit biased but Mellie OWNED that episode. She may not have been featured in all the scenes. She may not have lured Jake with a naked body under a trench coat (got to admit that scene was good). She may not have saved the President’s speech but she sure as hell acted like the grieving mother who didn’t give a shit about the world anymore. Red and Olivia were heroines for saving the political party but Mellie is the heroine for acting like an actual human being in a show where even funerals seem glossy. No, this is not hate speech. This is a compliment. We need Mellie to give the show with some reality and heart.

Rating: 10/10

DAMON making pancakes?? Got to be purgatory.

DAMON making pancakes?? Got to be purgatory.

Vampire Diaries: Goodness, the grief. I watched the episode with perpetual frown on my face. The person sitting in the bus next to me probably thought I was watching a Japanese tragedy (you don’t know tragedy until you’ve experienced Japanese tragedy movies). Stefan is using escapism to get away from the problems and Elena is using magic to hallucinate Damon, which causes her to become a vampire psychopath. Good job, Elena. Everyone else is in a state of limbo. No one is studying, poor Alaric. And then, when you think the gaping hole of Damon and Bonnie’s presence has been completely explored, they’re BACK! Somewhere in a cabin. Eating pancakes. Freaking pancakes. Writers, there better be an ironclad explanation.

Rating: 9/10

Daddy, I killed her for your own good.

Daddy, I killed her for your own good.

How to Get Away With Murder: Has this been all for a girlfriend? It was revealed at the end of the second episode that the law students were getting rid of Prof. Keating’s husband’s body (that was mouthful. I need to learn his name) to protect Rebecca. But how in the world does helping Rebecca equal to gaining a grade in Defense Law? She has something on each of them. That’s it. As for Wes? Well, clearly his libido is getting enough satisfaction to be burning a freaking body for her. One can only guess. Moving on, I did like the subplot for the second episode. A creepy version of ‘like father, like daughter’. You kill mine, let me kill yours.

I watch some messed up shows.

Rating: 8/10


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