(Mini)TV Recap Tuesday- S.H.I.E.L.D. Has Fun With Symbols, Mindy and Danny Play The Secrets Game and New Girl Has Reached New Heights With a Sponge.


Hey TV addicts, sorry for the delay.

Battling Chikungunya this week. Living in the tropics has its downfalls.

A little update. I was on the verge of posting the full reviews when Google chrome crashed. Now, the entire post is gone. I sincerely apologize. I can’t repeat what I wrote and frankly don’t have the time. For now, I will just post a mini review and ratings. Next Wednesday, things will be back on the regular track.

A face like that just screams trouble.

A face like that just screams trouble.

Agents of SHIELD: The second episode was better than the first. More gripping. Creel got even more dangerous when he absorbed the Obelisk. Lance became an official SHIELD recruit. Good. They need the man power. Mackenzie is the Tome Cruise to Fitz’s rain man and manages to solve the Creel problem. Rayna is back and she brought a friend. A friend who wants Skye. A friend who may not be human…

Ratings: 10/10



The Mindy Project: There is always going to be trouble in paradise for couples but Mindy takes it to a whole new level when she doesn’t pay her taxes…and has to use her ex-boyfriend to get out of it. Poor Mindy. These exes just keep popping up. And then, to make it even worse, he wouldn’t do it unless she was really suffering. Single and suffering. She goes on a date with him without Danny knowing. Danny doesn’t tell her that he was still married…it was like the quirky version of Days of Our Lives. Is that show going on? No matter the drama, plenty of laughs in between.

Rating: 10/10

source: flavorwire.com


New Girl: I don’t how the writers managed to make sponges funny without referring to Spongebob but they did. After that episode, I kept questioning my taste in shows. Really? Sponges? I mean we all knew the male characters weren’t quick with their words and that sad ability had me almost peeing. I was watching it in public, writers! Warn a girl. And I like territorial and violent Jessica. That was a new side to her. Jessica can be mean and vicious. Yes. Complexities are what make a character interesting. We need her mother to screw up her love life now so that I can see that wildcat again.

Rating: 10/10


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