TV Recap Sunday: Family Affairs Get Violent on Revenge, Lady Mary Tries Something New and The Grandma in Resurrection May Be Homicidal


Hey TV addicts. Let’s talk.

This Sunday, I had a lot of burning questions that need to be answered soon before I switch off the television and walk away in horror.

Revenge: What is Going on With Charlotte??

There are no words to describe my reaction to her crazy.

-_- Charlotte just exceeded my tolerance.

-_- Charlotte just exceeded my tolerance.

I guess I was just as hopeful as Emily when she revealed to Charlotte that she was her sister. But I guess, like Emily, I didn’t think it through. I mean, I should have suspected Charlotte’s reaction would have been less than desired when Emily admitted she was the kidnapper. If you’re going to drop a bomb, Emily, drop it gently. So her approach sucked, fine. But did Charlotte have to react that way? Destroying her father’s box (symbolic of Emily’s pointless revenge, I guess since David is back) and then hitting Emily with the fire extinguisher? Angry, yes. Traumatized, sure. Your sister kidnapped you and destroyed the only family you ever had. But homicidal? Come on.

I especially don't care about this.

I especially don’t care about this.

Well, now that I have put it that way….her crazy may be a little justified. Still. Killing Emily is a bit of a stretch. Now I know she is all Grayson. Her and her stupid brother should fade into obscurity for ever. Speaking of her brother….can we not? His scenes just disappoint me. The actor is great at being a nuisance. That’s one positive. Why are we even seeing scenes about him? Emily has already used him for her means. Less Daniel, please. Less of an eyesore. The Margaux/Gideon storyline is another non-sequitur. Please, writers. Unless they fit into Emily’s plan of a comeback, we really don’t care.

For the love of...! Can someone debrief him, please?

For the love of…! Can someone debrief him, please?

David Clarke! That’s the man I would love to talk about…if he wasn’t such a lovesick puppy. Really? Yes, I get that you still love Victoria but the way he acted around her was borderline creepy. I expected him to be a hardened man–living as a fugitive, not taking crap from anyone and double guessing everything. Instincts sharp and all that. Maan, I wanted him to be like Harrison Ford’s Fugitive, all right. That was the dream all summer! But no, now he is just another of Victoria’s lackeys that is willing to kill anyone, even his daughter, for this woman’s sick, sick pleasure.

The fall dream: Gosh, give me the David/Emily reunion please! Then, I want David to backhand Victoria because she had suggested killing his first daughter.

Rating: 9/10

Downton Abbey: Mary’s Suitors are Still An Issue.

Makes David Clarke look like he's not even trying.

Makes David Clarke look like he’s not even trying.

Why are they? I thought she chose. I thought when she did the deed with Tony, she had chosen. I’m going to be honest. I am not feeling him as an ideal husband. He’s too soft for Mary.  But at this point, I couldn’t care less. This has been a two-season-long storyline. It needs to go. If Mary can’t pick one, then she shouldn’t have to.  Am I the only one who thinks she can survive on her own? Mary always had tough-skin. I mean, for years she didn’t give Matthew the time of day and he was clearly tailored for her. She can survive and just be friends with Tom.

I like her mind AND her beauty. I'm kind of winning right now.

I like her mind AND her beauty. I’m kind of winning right now.

Cora is having fun with her admirer. You know things are bad for Mary’s storyline when you find yourself excited for Cora having a fling than Mary. Everyone takes Cora for granted, I think. They just see this timid side of her and don’t realize that she can be more than an ornament. In her own, quiet way, I have to admire how she’s taking Baxtor’s confessions and even how she handles her admirer. She clearly knows he has advances towards her, but she always diverts the conversation. And I’m glad she finally told off her husband who takes her most for granted. Keep the grudge going, Cora. You deserve it.

Feeling all hot and bothered, Violet? Or is that the hot flashes...

Feeling all hot and bothered, Violet? Or is that the hot flashes…

Mrs. Drewe prevents Lady Edith from seeing her child, which is the worst thing any mother wants to hear. I hope she dies soon. All the plagues can’t have been gone in the 20s. I am not ashamed to say it. She’s just a silly character in a tv show. She is not real. No, I don’t have a kill list under my bed. You’re just going to have to take my word for it. And Lady Violent has a Russian beau. That’s hot…you know, for eighty year olds.

More is revealed about Mr. Green’s death and I’m getting nervous. Bates didn’t kill him, right? It was all just speculation, right? I’m beginning to think he didn’t. A guilty man would be anxious and frustrated. Like how his crazy ex-wife had framed him. The fact that he calmly discussed his whereabouts has to be a sign of innocence. Let’s all hope. For an ex-con, Bates is likable.

Rating: 8/10

Resurrection: *Gulp* Grandma Dearest??

Resurrection. Wow.

Grandma got...SKULLS?!

Grandma got…SKULLS?!

Like Revenge, this episode left me a little speechless. I wasn’t kidding when I said the fall shows are killing it this season. I mean, first the sweet grandma comes back. She exerts tough love and its okay because she’s a grandmother. She meets Maggie. She connects with Jacob. Happy, happy family. But then she recognizes a man at the hospital, her expressions are shady and the man disappears. Her reaction to the abandoned factory seems a bit hysterical. She embraces Jacob’s need to bury the dead crows. Then, even if you are still giving her the benefit of the doubt, the writers screw with that when you see her pulling out floorboards from the factory to reveal skulls.

Skulls, people. Skulls. Grandma literally has skeletons in the closet.

How you keep your man 101 by Jeanine.

How you keep your man 101 by Jeanine.

This reveal was the only highlight of the episode. Apart from that, I was amused with Pastor Tom’s home arrangements. I always thought the wife was a stone cold, non-essential to the mystery of Rachel’s pregnancy but I felt she was more relatable this episode. She was hurt that Tom chose Rachel’s pregnancy over her. She felt even more pain knowing that she was having difficulty conceiving while his dead fiance is pregnant…twice. After all that, she still chose to respect his decision. But she missed him. So, she’s now playing house, reminding him exactly what he’s been missing. You go, Janine. I mean, you might lose but keep it up while you can.

Rating: 10/10

Keep watching, addicts.


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