TV Recap Monday: The Originals Brings in More Originals, Gotham Toys With Weather Balloons, Castle Has Voluntary Amnesia and Sleepy Hollow Might Ban Coin Currency


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The Originals: Out With Last Season’s Villains, In With More Originals.

...shouldn't you be DEAD?   I didn't get this memo...

…shouldn’t you be DEAD? I didn’t get this memo…

It’s a new season with old friends. Old originals, that is. So it makes sense that the writers quickly get rid of Francesca and her cronies to focus on Esther, Finn and Kol…wait. KOL?! When did Kol come back? Wasn’t he swallowed up in that white light back in Vampire Diaries? Or am I mixing it all up? That little revelation ended the premiere, leaving me to gape at the credits. I hope they give me a little back story because I would love to see a live showcase of Esther’s powers. It’s ridiculous how she brought herself and others back from the dead. Say what you want about her evil plan to kill the rest of her family, that woman is one powerhouse of a witch.

Even her evil comes in pixie-face mode.

Even her evil comes in pixie-face mode.

But back to Francesca and her pack. I mean, I don’t mind that they are taken out in one episode. Esther is a far better villain than a lot of the Vampire Dairies’ villains and Mikael combined. But still. The take down was a little too easy. They are going to be repercussions, I suppose. But I feel like the Hayley/Klaus reunion will help to ease some of the tension. If not Klaus, the werewolves will at least listen to Hayley. She has that ‘dead child’ card to use.

Is that the face of a woman with a deep connection? Don't think so.

Is that the face of a woman with a deep connection? Don’t think so.

Speaking of Hope, Rebekkah has really gotten into her role as auntie to the precious, adorable, freakishly dark eyed child. Yep. Definitely Klaus’. She has embraced motherhood while her ex embraces the next blond in his life: Cami. Am I the only one that doesn’t approve? Yeah, sure; go for the one night stand. But seeing them in bed again was such an eye roll. She has a deeper connection with Klaus. I mean, they don’t even have to be talking to each other. The pull is still there. If anything, at least stop the ‘no-strings’ crap with Marcel. Cami, your heart is clearly not in it.

This is going to escalate quickly..

This is going to escalate quickly..

And how could I forget little devious Davina and her Mikael pet. A man who is both grateful and resentful of her. Careful, Davina. If you just clued people in on your stupid secret, you would have banished him a long time ago. Now, she is going to live with the consequences of raising a monster. Can’t wait to shout ‘I told you so’, while she cries at the ruin around her. Anyway, she may abandon it if Kol bats his eyelashes at her once more. I don’t blame her. That boy is hot and has an accent. She doesn’t stand a chance of resisting him.

Good job, writers. Very eventful premiere that sets the stage for some exciting reveals.

Rating: 10/10

Gotham: Weather Balloons? That’s New.

And another one! *updates the score*

And another one! *updates the score*

This episode of Gotham wasn’t as great as the last two. I guess because it centered more on the police than the heroes. Boy Bruce, Penguin and Selena had only one or two scenes while the human hero, Jim, is snatching up all the screen time. I know that the story line is supposed to follow his life pre-Batman but come on; if I wanted just a cop show, I would still be watching Law and Order. Let’s balance out the Jim Gordon time with the awesome Gotham heroes and villains, please? I am even anticipating who the Penguin is going to kill next (that didn’t sound too weird, right?) because at least it’s screen time for him.

But now he’s back in Gotham. On Jim Gordon’s doorstep. Goody-goody. This will be fun to see.

Not a cool way to die, man.

Not a cool way to die, man.

I will admit; however, that this episode’s villain had unorthodox methods of killing victims. A weather balloon has got to be the most original criminal plan. It was bad enough that the balloon would carry the victims away. It was a completely different, gruesome tale when they came back down. So, if the writers don’t heed my warning about balance, they at least have the kooky crimes to fall back on.

"Stay...stay!" "You wish."

“Stay…stay!” “You wish.”

Barbara has a strange past apart from the female ex. Well then. A sub plot like that has the capacity to be intriguing. What else can I say about this episode? Fish Mooney is growing on me. Boy Bruce needs to eat his vitamins so that he can be more awesome later in life. Selena reveals how much of a slippery cat she can be.

A decent episode.

Rating: 8/10

Castle: He didn’t want to remember WHAT?

Two episodes in and Castle is providing one of the biggest mysteries on the show. If Castle actively spoke to someone involved and did some pretty baffling stuff, how can he not remember? The question I should really ask is how did they do it? Bash his head against a rock a couple of times? That would explain his bedraggled, almost comatose state when they found him.

LOL! Look at that face.

LOL! Look at that face.

This week’s episode looks at the death of a toy store CEO, who took it upon himself to hand out justice to those who violated his employee code. All Castle heard was ‘toy store’ and he was over there in a heartbeat: playing with the big piano (from the movie Big, I am sure of it!) and play-shooting the actual culprit. Fun, fun times.

He is NOT going to let this go. Not our Castle.

He is NOT going to let this go. Not our Castle.

But even Castle had to revert to reality. Now that we know he was colluding with the guy who had a fake identity, what else can we find out? Yes, we know everyone is saying to leave well enough alone. But did you see that face he made at the end of the episode? Castle is going to return to his season 4 self when he tirelessly and secretly tracked Kate’s mom’s murder. I’m not a betting woman, but I would bet on Castle figuring this one out himself.

Ack! I hate being clueless. Writers, you’re doing an excellent job at fueling my frustration.

Rating: 10/10

Sleepy Hollow: Coins are a Nasty Method for Town Ruin.

So Benedict Arnold was using the coin. Hm. Seems legit.

So Benedict Arnold was using the coin. Hm. Seems legit.

So this week, Sleepy Hollow is almost taken down by a coin. A coin rumored to be one of Judas’ thirty gold coins that he received to betray Jesus. You know, I think Sleepy Hollow is the first show where I do not feel annoyed with the Biblical references. True Blood had an entire season on it, which was less than desired. Don’t try to change the Bible for your Hollywood creations. Leave it as it stands. But I digress. With the Biblical reference in mind, when someone has one of these coins a darkness consumes them and they do violent and terrible things. I liked that they used the historical traitor Benedict Arnold to set the story line. Nice twist, writers.

I was probably not the only one reacting in horror when Jenny took up the coin. Jenny without evil is bad enough. That woman is way too skilled with artillery. Jenny with evil? Yikes. Let’s just hope she stays on team Crane for the remainder of the show.

Maybe if he crawled onto mommy's lap, he'd feel better.

Maybe if he crawled onto mommy’s lap, he’d feel better.

Is it possible that Katrina can reach out to her son? I hope so. The ending proved it was possible. His pain–while he burnt the bed he was born in (these things take time, I suppose)–was quite palpable. Maybe his abandonment issues can finally be sorted out. You couldn’t just go to a therapist, Henry? You had to become a horseman, didn’t you?

I’m with Icabod on this one: Hawley just doesn’t appear true. This is to be expected since Jenny, Ms. Shady Jenny, named him as a contact. For now, he’s an ally but the grounds beneath him are shaky.

So, so glad that Ichabod was able to warn Captain Irving of Henry’s disguise in time. If Henry was looking for an ally–a reluctant one at that–his luck just ran out. Team Crane wins this round. For now. Let’s see Henry’s comeback.

One out of the two Reyes. Oh look! You have choices!

One out of the two Reyes. Oh look! You have choices!

Oh, sidenote: I’ll be fair: Captain Reyes was just as annoying as pre-Sleepy Hollow Irving. Now we love him. But do we really want to convince another police captain that there are horsemen of evil on the loose in Sleepy Hollow? Writers, you’re doing so well on the history and Biblical references so please stop repeating storylines. Granted, she gave Abby more information on her mother. Closure isn’t bad. But I’m pretty sure Irving could have gotten the same file if she had asked him. Reyes is unnecessary. She’s dying soon, right? Or she sees a horseman and runs away back to the pragmatic city?

Rating: 8.5/10

That’s it for Tuesday.

Keep watching, addicts.


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