TV Hotspot-Midweek Madness (Nov. 2- Nov.5, 2014)


Hey, TV addicts.

First week of Midweek Madness!  Among the litter of shows I watch between Sunday and Tuesday, which ones took the title?

SPOILER ALERT. Go view the shows I watch HERE before you spoil your TV appetite.

Our gasps coincided, I swear!

Our gasps coincided, I swear!

Homeland’s From A to B and Back AgainAayan! I felt the shock just as much as Carrie when he got shot in the head. So unexpected! If you were amused yet softened by his cutely awkward expression of love to Carrie, then his death must have also been a blow to the stomach. His uncle had said that he would be merciful….I guess merciful meant just one shot in the head instead of several. Homeland, Homeland, Homeland. You definitely had to rank this week.

0.0 Chilling...

0.0 Chilling…

Sleepy Hollow’s DeliveranceI can not be the only one who had goosebumps running down her arms when Ichabod held the crystal in front of the sun. The slow tempo of the theme song coupled with Katrina’s writhing screams and the aurora lights made for one hell of a scene (pun intended?) Sleepy Hollow has always been in the ‘safe’ zone in terms of wow factors but not this week. Congrats, Sleepy Hollow.

"It's stones, you idiots."

“It’s stones, you idiots.”

New Girl’s Background Check: If we’re going to have a segment dedicated to ‘madness’, then New Girl might always pull in the ranks. I’ll try to be fair to every other show…next week. This episode was completely off its rocker and I have to talk about it. Stay with me now: the episode builds up to an anticlimatic climax. Still with me? It’s okay. I’ll briefly explain. Jess thought she had meth, tries to hide meth from the Fish (her name alone should be in the madness rank) but when Fish finds out, it’s really stones. Get it? Then you have never watched New Girl. In typical New Girl fashion, we are led on this crazy journey to some unknown climax that is really anticlimatic. If you can’t get it by now, I can’t help you anymore. Take your place among the madness, New Girl.

Those who almost made the cut?

The Originals’ Red Door: Let’s face it; with Mikael and Esther there, there is no shortage of madness. The episode could have easily ranked but Mikael’s never-ending thirst for blood is too intrinsic of the show to outrank those once in week mad moments.

Resurrection’s Afflictions : Their ‘big reveal’ was something we had known a long time ago. But I’m glad Bellamy finally knows his roots.

Gotham’s Penguin’s Umbrella: Killing, bloodshed and Boy Bruce’s amazing development aside, the ‘big reveal’ that The Penguin was working with Falcone was good but it could have easily been anticipated.

Learn more about Midweek Madness HERE

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