Author’s Note- Blog Updates (Nov. 5, 2014)


A Little Regrouping Was All It Took (Updates on Blog)

Don’t give up on me yet, world.I still have a lot to say in the very short time that I have to say it. Plus I was sick. Best excuse ever.

So readers, let’s talk shop.

This was basically my relaxation time...minus the bathtub, the bubble bath and the spa candles.

This was basically my relaxation time…minus the bathtub, the bubble bath and the spa candles.

New Category: TV Hotspots.

New Approach: As of today, November 5, I will no longer be doing TV reviews. I’m sorry. I tried. I really did. Frankly, I think I put in a lot of valiant effort. But the real world sank in and snuffed out all my free time. And by real world, I mean a job and by free time, I mean my unemployed status and any other time after work hours. *shrugs* You’re a slave to money and then you die, people.

But don’t leave yet! Let’s be totally honest, here. You can get your TV reviews anywhere. Just put in the name of the episode and the word review on Google and you have at least ten recap articles staring at you in the face. Well, I won’t be a statistic. I have decided on a new approach to tv recapping without creating a post that take two hours to write (trust me, I’ve checked).

There will now be three segments to tv recapping/reviews. There will be the Midweek Madness, which takes place every Wednesday, the Characters of the Week, which I had introduced in a previous author’s note but hadn’t gotten around to; and a weekend feature that will pop up now again whenever I feel some little tv tidbit needs to be explored.

Midweek Madness consists of selecting those episodes between Sunday and Tuesday that were the most exciting/maddening/goosebump-worthy. Only three episodes from three shows will rank ‘madness’. I may mention those that almost make the cut.

I hope to God this is more time-efficient. Third time’s the charm, right?

Everthing else? Will not change. The posts will be a bit shorter but you’ll live.


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