TV Hotspot- Characters of the Week (Nov. 2-8, 2014)


Hey TV addicts.

Taking a page from the movie: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly,  Characters of the Week will follow the entitlements Hero of the Week, Villain of the Week, Underdog of the Week and The Village Idiot. I liked making up that last one. Uniformity is for squares.

SPOILER ALERT. Click HERE for the list of shows I watch before you lose your TV appetite.

SUBJECTIVITY. As I always say, bloggers don’t have authority over what’s law. You may not agree with these choices so feel free to tell me your picks in the comment section.

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Hero of the Week: Olivia Pope (Scandal)

White Hat? Try WHITE DRESS.

White Hat? Try WHITE DRESS.

I am going to nickname her vagina-wielder. There. I said it. Tom was right in this week’s episode; she is the modern day Helen of Troy, with men falling at her heels and causing chaos. She even fooled Command! Daddy Pope thought she would cower like a little girl in his never-ending reign of terror but when Jake was set free because she planted someone in jail to stab Tom–who then sang like a canary, we all knew that he lost. Heck, she had us definitely fooled with the ‘there’s hope’ speech she gave Fitz. We could argue all day if she really meant it but none of the fans can deny that those two words were a means to an end. Getting Jake out. Brilliant, Olivia. OWN the title!

Villain of the Week: Roy Harper (Arrow)

Doesn't look like he has a clue either.

Doesn’t look like he has a clue either.

Roy! What have you done?! But the real question is WHY?! It saddens me to put him in the villain of the week category. But I have to because it was so unexpected. Villains are usually quite easy to spot. This one is still hitting me in the face from Wednesday night. I always pondered on Sara’s question (“What are you doing here?”) before she died. Knowing that it was freaking Roy Harper still doesn’t answer the question–it just makes it more significant. A side effect of the Mirakuru? Is Slade making a comeback through Roy? Arrow, don’t leave me hanging like this….

Underdog of the Week: Oswald Cobblepot-The Penguin (Gotham)

Penguin's umbrella, indeed.

Penguin’s umbrella, indeed.

Long term plans are valuable. Oswald’s long term plans are truly one of the best. From the beginning, he has always wanted to be top dog,  which means he’s ambitiously playing a very dangerous poker game. One that he might win if he plays his cards right.  No wonder he waltzed into the Police Department looking so smug. Everyone thought he was a dead man with nothing to his name. But the man is now winning way too much, too soon. This week’s episode shows that Oswald could write a book for the underdogs.

Village Idiot: The Mistress (Doctor Who)

If you're really the Master, I should be hyperventilating at my TV screen.

If you’re really the Master, I should have been hyperventilating at my TV screen.

Call me sexist, but the Master sucks as a girl. The first part of that season finale was so well done. The big reveal that Missy is the regenerated female version of The Master was tantalizingly juicy. There were endless possibilities for this story line. Far out, ridiculously, mind-numbing reasons as to why the Master was alive and evil. You know, a typical Doctor Who episode. So, what happened? Where’s my convoluted plot line that gives me a brain aneurysm? Where’s my huge, epic, life-altering season finale that Doctor Who does best? I get that the Master wanted to force the Doctor to realize he is just as bad as him. But the approach to it? Not great. Lukewarm, really. It wasn’t as grand-scale as previous Master episodes. The Master’s misguidance is there but the end game was terrible. I call a do over (or a great Christmas Special), please.

Top Contenders:

Heroes of the Week: Beth Greene (The Walking Dead). She almost made it with her tough, almost-Prison Break episode. Especially since she helped her friend escape. Typical hero complex. But I’m a little greedy. I want to see more of this side of her. I hope it isn’t a one time thing.

Villains of the Week: Hassaim Haqqani (Homeland), David Clarke (Revenge). Both of these characters almost made it. That head shot from Homeland is still chilling and David’s secrets are becoming seemingly nefarious.

Village IdiotPresident Fitz (Scandal). “There’s hope.” And all of sudden, his son’s alleged killer is getting amazing treatment. Don’t you have respect for your kid’s death, Fitz? By the way, your penis is showing. -_-


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