TV Hotspot-Midweek Madness (Nov. 16-18, 2014)


I’m assuming that the ‘madness’ on television this week has died down a bit because the writers are gearing to murder us with winter finale knockouts. I thought I was ready but after that Scandal episode last week, I don’t think I am. This week still had one or two jaw-dropping moments. If these weren’t your picks, feel free to contend in the comment section below.

SPOILER ALERT. Go view the shows I watch HERE before you spoil your TV appetite.

It's STILL hitting me!!!

It’s STILL hitting me!!!

Gotham’s Harvey DentI believe Harvey Dent will allow Gotham to make more appearances on the madness train but today? Today is not his time to shine. The episode was doing quite well. Boy Bruce met with Girl Selena and we all had fun with that little puppy love cuteness, right? Jim Gordon was being Mr. Human Hero, Fish Moony was being her usual conniving self, Penguin was the little smug brat he has always been and Ed Nigma had you shaking your head at his eccentricities. Then the ending happened. Now, you could be gay as they come or straight as an arrow but I would bet my not-so-Nicki Minaj’s-ass you did NOT expect Barbara to run back to her ex-lover! My hand went limp with my kindle when I saw that. I just sat there, wondering how that escalated so quickly. I could rant and rave about Barbara’s misdeeds, but I have decided to put that in my Saturday post.

He did it, but he didn't want to do it and that's sort of okay.

He did it, but he didn’t want to do it and that’s sort of okay.

The Originals’ Chasing the Devil’s TailNow, a lot of fans are probably spitting fire at the image of Klaus right now. I mean, I was a bit annoyed at his actions too. Killing his father? Messed up and definitely earned the title of ‘madness’. But at most, his actions are debatable–given his reasoning. He did for his daughter. If Esther tracked his father’s movements during the full moon, then Hope’s hiding place would have been a bust. Esther would have killed/converted Rebekah and there would be a baby murder. Frankly, I prefer particide over infanticide. Lesser of the two evils…my gosh, this is just a horrible scenario. Madness confirmed. -_-

That is the face of shit about to go down.

That is the face of shit about to go down.

Agents of Shield’s The Things We Bury: I only had two ‘madness’ shows this week…until I finished watching this episode. Wow. Wow. What side is Ward on?? I think, that alone, makes up for most of the ‘madness’ in this episode. But do you remember what his brother said about their mother? All of a sudden, I had flashbacks of that not-so-true-according-to-the-rumors-novel, A Child Called It, with an abusive mother and coward father. Did one of the writers read that novel and thought, ‘hey, let’s try this.’ I mean, now that we know how messed up Ward is, do we still hate him or pity him? Hm. I choose both. He burnt his parents and brother in their house. The man is pscyho. Normal people go to the therapy, Ward. Homicide is always the last choice.

Those that almost made the cut?

Homeland’s Halfway to a Donut: Carrie’s break down was one of the worst I saw in the history of Homeland. Imagining Brody? Yikes. But what she did to Saul, while on her meds, was very tragic. She got him re-captured. He will never forgive her. I didn’t see it coming so it almost earned the ‘madness’ title. But it was more logical than maddening. I’m pretty sure Homeland will have me contemplating life again by the next episode.

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