TV Hotspot-Characters of the Week (Nov. 16-22, 2014)


Hey TV addicts,

If your emotions didn’t break into little bite-sized pieces this TV week, then you’re probably watching all the wrong shows. The Post-#TGIT trauma alone could have broken the Internet. Sorry, Kim Kardashian. So who were my picks for the week?

SUBJECTIVITY. As I always say, bloggers don’t have authority over what’s law. You may not agree with these choices so feel free to tell me your picks in the comment section.

SPOILER ALERT. Click HERE for the list of shows I watch before you lose your TV appetite.

Hero of the Week: Saul Berenson (Homeland)

Yep. Saul got it.

Yep. Saul knows this world.

Heroes were quite few this week. This is not the reason I picked Saul. I picked him because anyone, anyone who escapes from terrorists alive are instant heroes. Heck, just surviving until rescue is on its way makes you a hero. I’m a Westerner, I will never understand terrorists. They started it all and they want to act like victims. I’m also black, so bitch please. You can’t be making up excuses as you burn the world. As Mama Pope says, “Cry me a river, Livvie.” Saul not only escaped, he made sure to leave a dead body behind. Because you can’t spare terrorists. Yeah. That’s the world we live in.

Villain of the Week: Del Toledo (American Horror Story)

If this was Asylum again, she would come back with a katana to kill this mofo -_-

If this was Asylum, she would come back with a katana to kill this mo-fo.

I am convinced it was villains’ week. I have at least four names from four different shows that I want to mention. But Del Toledo had to take the top spot. Because as much as the others were bat-shit insane and conniving bastards, they never killed the littlest and most adorable woman in the world. Dang, that woman should have her own show where she just stares at the camera and giggles. It’s too much! And now we can’t admire the one bright light from AHS because of Del. Screw you, Del! I want her back.

Underdog of the Week: Wes and Professor Keating (How to Get Away With Murder)

0.0 And so it begins!

0.0 And so it begins!

The deadly duo from #TGIT drama. There is just something oddly special between those two that propels the show into some very interesting parameters. The ending of the winter finale had me hollering for their team. So she knew?! They’re in this together?! Oh my goshdhfjrdjh. I’m not that surprised. We learnt from early on that trying to pull the wool over Professor Keating would be a waste of our time. Wes also knew and they have been the deadly duo ever since. As they do their backdoor deals, the show just gets better and better. Underdogging at its finest.

Village Idiot: Barbara Gordon (Gotham)

Poor you? NOPE.

Poor you? NOPE.

Now, I can rant on the stupidity of Barbara Gordon. Its one of those stupidities that has you looking sideways for a moment before you can accept that it happened. As the Internet so cleverly coined, ‘LOL. WUT?’ Barbara, where did that scene come from? I mean, fine, its understandable that you’re still terrified. You weren’t a soldier trained for times of trauma. No one ever expected you to be as strong as Jim. But there is a difference between going away to cope and distracting yourself with your ex-lover. Yes, Barbara. A distraction. Not a coping mechanism. Get your terms straight! I am so annoyed. I feel it for Jim. I truly do. Well, if they follow the comics, she won’t last long.

Top Contenders

Heroes of the Week: Klaus (The Originals). He wasn’t picked because his role in his father’s death is still debatable in my eyes. He did it for Hope, yes. But wasn’t killing him a bit strong? *shrug*. I am just going to remain confused about this one.

Villains of the Week: Agent Ward (Agents of SHIELD) and Cupid (Arrow). Yeah, they were almost picked because of their clinically insane actions. My last post, I talked about Ward’s crazy. Cupid’s twisted reached level 99. The shrine she made for Ollie was painstakingly done to perfection. It’s the crazies that pay attention to detail we should all be worried about.

Underdogs of the Week: The Ghost Mom (Sleepy Hollow). She almost made the top spot because she helped the gang with a decades old mystery. And they are now better for it. But then the TGIT deadly duo happened. Sorry, ghost mom.

Village Idiot: Professor Keating’s Groupies (How to Get Away With Murder). Now that we know how the murder went down, why wasn’t the police called? I mean, they could have told the truth and with Annalise as their lawyer, they could have come out the victors of this entire mess. Maybe I’m naive but seriously kids, no one works this hard for a grade -_- 


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