TV Hotspot-Midweek Madness (Nov. 23-26, 2014)


Hey there, TV addicts.

The TV autumn season is winding down. Have you run out of paper bags? The hyperventilation some of those shows put us through was intense. Now, we have a couple of weeks to catch our breaths. But before we celebrate the Yuletide Season, let’s find out what kind of madness the midweek lineup produced. As always, if you disagree or if you want to share any kind of madness from other shows I don’t watch, feel free to comment.

SPOILER ALERT. Go view the shows I watch HERE before you spoil your TV appetite.

There is not enough 'ew' for this scene.

There is not enough ‘ew’ for this scene.

The Walking Dead’s Crossed: There is no part of that episode that can be considered sane. From the beginning, you know they were gearing up for their usual wild fight outs. Fine. A little apprehensive–no one is ever safe except for miracle Judith–but fine. And its all great and candy until they reach outside the hospital and we see a new kind of zombie. Stuck-to-the-tar zombies with their flesh and clothes mingled into one nasty goo of…goo.

This is the perfect time to say, 'Fix it, Jesus.'

This is the perfect time to say, ‘Fix it, Jesus.’

If the zombies don’t freak you out (what are you, blind?) then the weird actions of the minister will. Why did he escape from a safe zone? And if he is so tormented with grief, why didn’t he let that zombie kill him? Actually no. The first one must be answered. His unpredictability and wandering spirit is starting to freak me out. Lastly, who could forget that last scene with the supposedly ‘good cop’ headbutting Sasha. For a grieving woman, that’s a low blow. What he said to Rick was a definite foreshadowing but like Rick, I see the good in people too. Now, I just hope Sasha is the one to kill him.

Whew. What a lot of madness.

"Everything is fine." "No, everything is not fine. Please stop looking like the epitome of fear."

“Everything is fine.” No, everything is not fine. Please stop looking like the epitome of fear.

The Original’s The Brothers that Care Forget: The Originals has just been stuck on crazy these past two weeks. The scene with Elijah, Rebekah and Hope scared the crap out of me. Rebekah’s face when she saw the bodies in the kitchen was horror movie perfect. I thought Esther finally found her and she was making a difficult decision betraying her brothers. But when she snapped his neck and called Klaus to warn him of Elijah? Yikes. That’s never happened before. No, let me correct myself to show you the scale of the madness. That’s never happened in a milenia before. Wow. I guess this is just another day in the Michaelson household. One was committing patricide and the other one is now tormented. Gosh, they make the Adam’s family look like they’re not even trying.

UPDATE (Nov. 27):

My soul: boo, I can't. You on your own with this one.

My soul: 0_0…no boo, I can’t. You on your own with this one.

Homeland’s There’s Something Else Going On: So I didn’t get to watch Homeland until today. I thought they were just going to show their usual brand of madness but then I watched it…and proceeded to scream out in sheer shock. Now, I must talk about it because–please excuse the necessary French—what the actual fuck? It was insane enough that Haqqani used a child bomber. And um, let’s just get into that right here, right now. Child bomber? Terrorism just reached a whole new level of sick. I had to breathe deeply before I could start watching again. I wear my heart on my sleeve…no, wait, nope. I’m actually human so that shit just don’t play. So after the emotional, heartbreaking scene with Carrie and Saul, we think everything is gonna calm down and then Haqqui’s men bomb the fucking cars that were escorting them. But wait folks, it gets shittier. A freaking missile that was clearly sent from outer space obliterates any trace of those cars on the street. Then we see Haqqani trying to invade the US Embassy. Why so dark, Homeland? What did the fans ever do to you? We weren’t complaining. The show was always good. Good GOD. My soul. The feels. I can’t…I just…I need a moment.

No contenders this week. Nothing else really stood out for me. But like I said, if you have one feel free to share.

Happy TV week, addicts.


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