Characters of the Week (Nov. 23-29, 2014)


Hey TV Addicts,

I know this was supposed to be posted in the weekend but my weekend was a little too eventful. So, I’m posting this now and you’re welcome. As a little gift for your understanding and patience, I have added a new category: Creep of the Week, inspired by the character I will be talking about below. So, let’s see who made the top spots this week. And as always, my selections are subjective. If you have any other choices, don’t be afraid to list them in the comments section.

SPOILER ALERT. Go view the shows I watch HERE before you spoil your TV appetite.

Hero of the Week: Alfred Pennyworth (Gotham)

From butler to RAMBO!

From butler to RAMBO!

This guy sure moved from underdog to hero in lightening speed. Could you blame him? It’s Alfred. The way he held his own in this week’s episode, I’m pretty sure the Waynes’ couple did not leave out ‘martial artist’ when they were hiring a butler. Bruce was in awe of his skills but I wasn’t. As a fan of Batman, I always knew Alfred could kick ass. And goodness, the way he charmed Fish? The man reminds me of those sour/sweet candy commercials. Rain miserable hell on those who provoke him, while being such a sweetheart to the ladies. Alfred! Come take your title!

Villain of the Week: Haissam Haqqani (Homeland)

I should start calling this bastard the harbinger of death -_-

I should start calling this bastard the harbinger of death -_-

After the shit storm that was Homeland for this week, this one was certainly a no-brainer. We better hope there isn’t an Isis terrorist who watches Homeland or our lives would certainly be in danger. I can’t even joke properly about this man. His evil is too defined, people! Child bomber, the bomb that clearly came from outer space and then trying to infiltrate the US Embassy? Did Shonda Rhimes co-write this episode? Because my mind was blown way too many times.

Underdog of the Week: Harrison Wells (The Flash)

Who ARE you??

Who ARE you??

He may have ulterior motives but Dr. Wells certainly showed how much he cared for Barry and his cause, sacrificing himself to save those he worked with. This makes our jobs as discerning fans a little harder. You want to think he may have something to do with Barry’s mother’s death but then he goes and does something heroic that makes you wonder if his plans are so nefarious. Maybe he’s a future fan of Barry? That would explain his dedication…and the secret, futuristic shrine he has on Barry’s journeys as the Flash. Gosh darn it, still confused. Anyway, for this week, we will label him one of the good guys and walk away from the issue for now.

Creep of the Week: Ivy Pepper (Gotham)

If she broke out in maniacal laughter, I don't think I would be surprised.

If she broke out in maniacal laughter, I don’t think I would be surprised.

She was creepy enough when she lurked in the corners of a living room, quietly spraying her plants. Then, the writers gave her a voice and she reached a whole new level of weird. Thanks, writers. Like we don’t have enough creepy kids running around in horror movies. Her little dialogue with Selena and Bruce proved to us that her crazy developed from early on in life. Then I remember that Ivy Pepper could have found therapy in her later years and I stop feeling so much pity.

Village Idiot: Gabriel Stokes (The Walking Dead)

*sigh* I...I just...cannot.

*sigh* I…I just…cannot.

Characters sometimes go through a bad period but it seems that Gabriel likes to be in peril. He likes to run around unarmed, fending off zombies with his bare hands like he’s Superman. I don’t care if he’s a Christian and believes the blood of Christ will protect him, carrying around a weapon to slice off a zombie’s head won’t hurt him. But don’t take our stupid advice, bastard. The church was the only safe house for miles, why leave it? Hm. I know better than to question the mentally challenged.

Top Contenders:

Underdog of the Week: Ray Palmer (Arrow). I almost picked him because of his journey to become Atom Man. Another DC hero? Arrow writers, you’re making my dreams come true here. Come on people. You can’t say Ray Palmer’s story arc isn’t putting a little spring in your step. There is a reason I stuck with Smallville for so long and why I’m watching Gotham. A hero’s journey to becoming said hero is exciting. The anticipation is such a pleasure. So, keep on Ray Palmer. You’re almost there.


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