Midweek Madness (Nov. 30-Dec. 2, 2014)



Hey TV Addicts,

Are you, like me, still recovering from the Walking Dead’s winter finale? Good luck. I won’t even try. I am just going to ride the waves of sorrow, despair, the writers’ cruelty and hopefully move on by the time January rolls around. But let me not use this introduction to only talk about the Walking Dead. There were some other great highlights in the midweek. Let’s get to them.

You know what it was? I liked her too much.

You know what it was? I liked her too much.

Revenge’s INTEL:  Revenge has not gotten the madness recognition it sometimes deserves. Maybe because The Walking Dead is running around, making every show look like a joke. But now it has its time to shine because that ‘holy shit Batman, really?’ look Emily had on her face in the second to last scene just made the episode madness-worthy. It was a look shared by all of us. I think my jaw fell open at one point. Poor Jack. Why does he have the worst luck in finding love? The only normal woman was Margeaux and now, even she has her own problems to deal with. This takes me to the second part of the madness. Why is she carrying Daniel’s demon spawn? I cannot believe the Grayson line is still going. Three guesses what Victoria is going to do when she finds out. Become Mama Bear again and let the madness continue. What would we do without her?

BETH! *bawls*

BETH! *bawls*

The Walking Dead’s Coda: I don’t think anyone could have truly predicted Beth’s death. I sure as hell didn’t. I thought Glenn was going to kick the bucket. They had been hinting on that for quite some time and so every scene that include Glenn, I always held my breath. When he saw the swarm of zombies, I thought he was a goner…you know what? I’m rambling. I just don’t want to talk about her death. I don’t. It was so unfair, too sudden, came out of nowhere and had the wtf madness that this segment caters to. I’m still in shock and in a little bit of denial. People survive headshots, right? How did that trigger happy bitch even have her gun positioned that way? Why did Beth even do that? It seemed her badass complex got the better of her. She got too cocky and died for it and oh…oh…BETH! *bangs head on keyboard and sniffles*

My fangirl weeps.

My fangirl weeps.

The Flash’s Flash vs. Arrow: Sometimes, the madness can evolve into something truly epic. If you watched the latest episode of the Flash/Arrow crossover, then that statement just held a lot of meaning. I could not possibly be the only one who felt that superhero geek thrill when the Arrow and Flash went head to head. Best scene in the first season. I’ve called it. I am that confident. If you’re not, re-watch that scene again, picture it comic book style and prepared to be blown away. Gosh. What a spark to my dreary work week. Thank you, Flash/Arrow writers. You’ve kept me sane for another day.


No other contenders today. But if you have any shows, please don’t hesitate to comment.


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