Author’s Note: Blog Updates (December 6, 2014)


Hey followers,

I’m trying to stay as far away from blog updates as possible. I’m beginning to realize if I am constantly changing my blog look, people will get frustrated and leave. But sometimes, these posts can’t be helped. Like when Vampire Diaries fans who follow me should know I have been pretending to watch the show for three weeks. Sorry I lied. Here’s the reason.

No Nina, No Show. You probably may have noticed that in my TV Hotspot posts I have not mentioned Vampire Diaries. I had been boycotting the show since Nina Dobrev announced that she may not be staying on.  Not cool, Nina.  Of course, both parties are to blame. I don’t appreciate Ian’s actions either. I mean, he should have known bringing the new flame around the ex was going to bring some discomfort. I had a minor problem with my ex’s new girl until I realized I was too young to be sweating it. But quitting the show, Nina? Goodness. I wasn’t going to let such drama upset my viewing experience.

I must watch a show that might get canceled? NOPE.

I must watch a show that might get canceled? NOPE.

Besides, let’s not forget the Damon/Elena elephant in the room. What would have become of our star couple?

Glad they finally found middle-ground. Now I can resume my duties as a VD fan. I’d say it won’t happen again but if Nikki Reed keeps bitching about the decision that was made, gives Ian an ultimatum and he leaves, boycotting may resume.

Movie Moments? Call it a weakness or a healthy initiative but when it comes to blogging, I like to think big. Movie watching is second to my TV addiction. So, the idea is in the works.

Segmenting, segmenting, segmenting. Lastly, I would like you to check out the revamped ‘what makes up the blog’ tab of the menu, which gives a more detailed rundown of all the categories.

Happy blogging.

Give me your feedback! XD

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