TV Hotspot-Characters of the Week (Nov. 30-Dec. 6)


Hey TV addicts,

I apologize for the tardiness in getting this out. But I’d like to think that a number of the following characters are still in our thoughts. So let’s discuss how last week panned out. As I always say, if you don’t agree with my choices, feel free to tell me yours in the comments section.

SPOILER ALERT: Click HERE for the list of shows I watch before you spoil your TV appetite.

Heroes of the Week: The Flash and Arrow (The Flash and Arrow)

Look at them, being so superhero and awesome ^_^

Look at them, being so superhero and awesome ^_^

This one was easily a given. Okay  to be honest, there was a little fan girl bias. But come on! Two superheroes in one show? I have to give the two shows recognition for that sweet crossover. When they went head to head, it was like watching the superhero version of StreetFighter! *tries to contain her excitement* You could be a teenager, my age or someone in their early forties–while watching that fight, you had your fanboy/fan girl squeal. Admit it.

Villain of the Week: The Alien Temple (Marvel Agents of SHIELD)

"...and then he got crazy and died". Um. What??

“…and then he got crazy and died”. Um. What??

I was debating on which situation was more villainous. The situation in Walking Dead when Beth died or the situation in S.H.I.E.L.D. when Alphonso Mackenzie goes nuts and then dies. The situations are both hairy and escalated to death really quickly. In the end, I chose the S.H.I.E.L.D. situation because no expected anyone else from the agency to die. This is an ABC /Marvel show owned by Disney. As a primarily kids venture, I’m pretty sure Disney has a one-season-a-death stipulation going on. You kill Lucy Lawless and that’s it. No more. The 90s girl in you dies with her…okay I’m digressing. The point is, no one expected another out-of-this-world death from a Disney owned show, which is why it has top spot.

Underdog of the Week: Henry Parrish (Sleepy Hollow)

"Don't you talk smack about my momma!"

“Don’t you talk smack about my momma!”

Wow, Henry. I guess you aren’t matricidal. I shouldn’t be shocked. Good always wins out on evil but John Noble is a damn good actor. He made that boy hate his parents with some sick, twisted cruelty. So when he turned around and killed Malach instead, I know I wasn’t the only one to pinch myself. At the last minute, he saved his soul…ish? It still belongs to Malach, I suppose, but killing him should count for something. A stepping stone to family bonding time? Should I be calling him Jeremy now? Is he going to lash out again when he sees that mommy and daddy are fighting? Sleepy Hollow writers, that was one of the best episodes this season.

Creep of the Week: The Bird Lady (Bones)

Then she makes that smile and the world becomes dark for you...

Then she makes that smile and the world becomes dark for you.

I had three candidates for creep of the week. If that’s not sad enough, one of them was from Bones. Bones beat American Horror Story. This is a sign from the TV gods that creepy behaviour is everywhere and no one is safe. I don’t really remember the character’s name. I was too disgusted by the fact that she killed a man over a bird. A bird, people. A bird. She gives bird lovers a bad name. If you’re single and a bird lover, don’t expect any action for the next couple of weeks. You can thank the Bones writers for that.

Village Idiot: Carl Enders (Resurrection) and Dawn Lerner (The Walking Dead)

SHOWCASE: The faces of idiocy.

SHOWCASE: The faces of idiocy.

Fun fact: I didn’t remember the policewoman’s name from Walking Dead. I put in ‘bitch policewoman from Walking Dead’ and her name instantly came up. Oh Google, you understand me. I could have given her the title for villain, but then I would be insulting the very meaning of the title. To become the villain of the week, you have to be conniving, shocking and in some twisted way, I should admire your tactics. Nope. She was spineless bastard with a gun. She probably had control in that hospital once, but she didn’t towards the end. Speaking of spineless bastards, Carl had to take top spot along with her. What a fool. Killing the pastor? That is all I want to say about the situation. I’m just going to be at the corner, fuming at the unfairness of it all.


Heroes of the Week: Abby Mills and Captain Irving (Sleepy Hollow). They were the black duo of determination this week. Abby was all geared up to die, Captain was all geared up to kill some demons and sacrifice his soul. I loved it! Even when Captain Irving died it was nothing short of heroic. Let’s take a moment to mourn that brave black man’s death. If it wasn’t for my superhero fan girl bias, they would have been number one in this title.

Creep of the Week: Jeanine (Resurrection) and Dandy (American Horror Story). On principle alone, Dandy should have gotten top spot. But then its AHS, so its kind of cheating. You expect some kind of messed up son-of-satan in every season. Jeanine surprised me though. I thought her acceptance of the baby meant as a second mother. Not some ‘Hand That Rocks the Cradle’ understanding. It’s not her actions, so much as the potential. She could very well harm Rachel and run away in the night with baby, proclaiming that its a freaking miracle. Just…no.

Give me your feedback! XD

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