TV Hotspot-Midweek Madness (Dec. 7-Dec. 9)


Hi TV addicts,

When the zombies are away, it seems the superheroes take their place. The writers for the Flash and SHIELD just decided to make our brains turn on themselves. Can someone please explain to me what happened this Tuesday? I am still so very lost.

SPOILER ALERT: Click HERE for the list of shows I watch before you spoil your TV appetite.

That is a boring way to go...I sad. I'm crying inside.

That is a boring way to go…I mean…so sad. I’m crying inside.

Revenge’s AtonementThis episode was appropriately named. Just when you think a girl fight wasn’t crazy enough, there comes Daniel rushing in to save the damn day. Daniel hasn’t been much else lately. Goodness knows why the writers kept giving him scenes *cough*actor’sgirlfriendisstaroftheshow*cough*. Should have known when he read that enlightening letter and reflected on his coward self, his time was coming to a close. Time to atone for your sins, boy.  But I didn’t think the writers would kill Daniel off with a gunshot. Didn’t they do that in the first season? Oh boy. I only gave this a madness recognition because I really didn’t think the writers would listen to me and kill off the idiot.

But I still don't understand!

And I still don’t understand.

The Flash’s The Man in the Yellow Suit……………but I don’t understand. I don’t…I don’t understand. Harrison Wells is the man in the….I don’t understand! If Dr. Wells wanted to destroy the Flash, why is he taking care of him? Why is he attempting to change a future where the Flash doesn’t exist….unless he’s trying to maintain that future! Oh my gosh, so many questions. When Reverse Flash was talking to Barry, I thought it was weird that he reminded me of Dr. Wells. I mean, I know he’s faking his disability but to be Reverse Flash? From the future?? Okay. Writers from the Flash, you so earn the madness title. My brain hurts.

Let's take a moment to weep for this FINE black man.

Let’s take a moment to weep for this FINE black man.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD’s What They Become: I tried bracing myself for this episode. I knew, I knew that the writers were going to blow my mind with some crazy, unexplainable, a-whole-lot-of-wtfs episode. But I still wasn’t ready. At least, I wasn’t ready to say good-bye to Trip. What? There can’t be two black men in a show? Oh, there’s only room for one token black guy. I see. Now, I’m offended. Not really. It was just messed up how they killed off Trip. Poor Simmons. Her tall black cup of coffee is now gone. Maybe she’ll finally look at Fitz’s pretty eyes and stop fooling herself. But I digress. WHAT is Skye? I mean, Daisy…ugh whatever. I saw spikes on her skin and now I’m excited. Also, a little creeped out but that’s what this midweek madness is all about.

Who Almost Made the Cut?

The Originals’ The Map of Moments: I just want to applaud Klaus’ brilliance at executing that plan to make his mother into a vampire. I will gush more at the end of the week (hint hint) but I just need to put that out there. It wasn’t the madness of all madness this midweek but it was still a solid, unexpected twist to the season’s plot.


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