TV Hotspot-Characters of the Week (Dec. 7-Dec. 13)

Picture1 Hey, TV addicts. I am such a liar. Look at me, posting this late again. I would apologize but I feel like you would cut me off with a wicked side-eye to rival this woman. So before a mob forms, here is my pick of characters for the week. As always, if you don’t agree, tell me your picks in the comments section.

Hero of the Week:  Klaus Mikaelson (The Originals)

GTFO done right.

GTFO done right.

His heroism is basically comprised of telling his mother to GTFO in the worst way. As I’m typing this, I am still surprised at how they managed to pull it off. From as far back as VD, this woman has been an evil that only ever rivals Mikael and even he sometimes could not match her power. I thought they would drag her story for the rest of the season because she is so goddamn formidable. I wouldn’t have minded so much because she is such a capable villain. To be bested by her family is one thing. But to make her into a vampire? The very creature she despises? Man, Klaus. You sure know how to punish a lady. Impressive work, writers. Klaus, come take your reward.

Villain of the Week: Malcolm Merlyn (Arrow)

If I didn't hate him yet, I can guarantee the hatred now

If I didn’t hate him yet, I can guarantee the hatred now

People probably believe the top villain is Ra’s Al Ghul because he attempted to kill Ollie but they need to look at the bigger picture. Ollie wouldn’t even be fighting one of the world’s most dangerous assasins if Merlyn wasn’t dangling his sister’s life in front of his face. As an insurance strategy. Let’s think about that for a moment. This is his daughter. His daughter who actually relies on him for her strength now that her mother is gone. His daughter who was once quite lost and thinks she’s now quite fine. To know that he used his only daughter as simply an insurance strategy is extremely despicable. I’m usually impressed by the villains I choose but this week is unfortunate exception.

Underdog of the Week: Firestorm (The Flash)

That’s what happens when people don’t go to therapy

That’s what happens when people don’t go to therapy

I hate this new expression but as Firestorm came out of nowhere to distract the Reverse Flash, I had to say it: YAAAAASSSSSS.  We needed someone else on Team Flash and Firestorm will be a very valuable member. He just needs to…you know…recover from his PTSD and remember his identity and fiancé. But once those minor (not so minor…gah) technicalities are resolved, he should be good to go. Or he might just fry everyone. Who knows with the unstable? For now, he’ll just be the week’s underdog.

Creep of the Week: Janine Hale (Resurrection)

I kid you not, the ‘K.O.’ announcement flew into my head as I saw this

I kid you not, the ‘K.O.’ announcement flew into my head as I saw this

She was a contender last week so don’t be surprised she has now bumped up to the title. The way her sincerity, kind words and camaraderie to Rachel was twisted into such obsession had me flinching every five seconds. When Rachel started to agree with her, I held my breath because I didn’t want to see another citizen happily dwelling in Jeanine’s crazytown. But she put that creep in her place. With a kettle. Mhm. If you think a housewife with kitchen tools at her disposal isn’t dangerous, you’re deluding yourself.

 Village Idiot: Claire Dunphy (Modern Family)

*womp womp* know that sound the fish did in that episode of Spongebob.

*womp womp*….you know that sound the fish did in that episode of Spongebob.

I am a firm believer that my mother is not my friend. We may want to spend time together but these occasions should take place at wholesome venues: restaurants, movies and family outings.  I would never drink with my mother and get so wasted that we want tattoos together. Never. The thought is so unfathomable. Especially since my mother can’t drink a glass of liquor to save her life (sorry, Mom. You knew this.) So when Claire decided to take Haley out to a bar, I knew this would end in such disaster. Like an ankle tattoo that commemorates her loopy mother. Good job, Claire. Good job. HOTSPOT HIGHLIGHT: Before I go into the week’s contenders, I have to give mention to Ra’s Al Ghul’s duel with Ollie. No, that wasn’t a duel. That was a beatdown. I mean, Ollie survived for all of five seconds before Ra’s Al Ghul pierced those washboard abs. It was quick and ruthless and everything you wanted in a duel to the death.

Is it wrong to say that I am more in distress of the future state of his abs?

Is it wrong to say that I am more in distress of the future state of his abs?

Now, let’s see who didn’t make it on the week’s list. Villain of the Week: Harrison Wells (The Flash). So close, Dr. Wells. So very close. I was so convinced he would be the villain of the week but Malcolm Merlyn beat him to it. The going theory is that he is the future Reverse Flash. It’s legit enough but there are still a lot of unanswered questions. Flash writers, you’re good. Underdog of the Week: Daniel Grayson (Revenge).  I didn’t mention this in the midweek madness, but I thought his death was a little excessive. I mean, he could have just ran off with Margeuax in their twisted little happy fairytale. No one would care that much. I know I wouldn’t have. Oh well. What’s done is done. Victoria will be pissed he did it for Emily. I think that’s the one positive about his death. Happy TV watching, addicts.


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