TV Hotspot Features-I Must Gush! Bones’ 200th In the 10th

David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel starring in the 200th episode of Bones.

David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel starring in the 200th episode of Bones.

A 1950s, Alfred Hitchcock-themed episode? My heart was all aflutter. As a huge history buff for any and everything in life, I was awed by the picturesque sets, the props, the dialogue, the costume design and Hodgins’ hair! Who can forget that hair? I must gush about this 200th episode of Bones.

SPOILER-FREE: Yes, these posts do exist. Now you have proof.

Remakes have been done by TV shows before, but there was something fundamentally magical about seeing Booth, Brennan and the gang living in the 1950s. If I had to give accolades to only one actor in this episode, it would be given to David Boreanaz. His performance as a jewel thief was smoothly done and his use of the lingo and the male ‘swag’ of the 50s had me smiling from ear to ear. He reminded me of a modern day Humphrey Bogart who, in whatever role he played, exhumed male magnetism.

Oh, I felt it....

Oh, I felt it.

Critics might label this episode as a filler veering away from the season’s storyline. But you must be having the worst day on earth if you think this was just some ‘silly filler’. This is one of the most creative, fillers ever—don’t dispute me! If you have no idea about Alfred Hitchcock movies in the 1950s, you would still be charmed by this episode. Even the one or two cheesy lines in the script were endearing. What went wrong with this episode?! I challenge you to find something.

I double dare you.

I double dare you.

There should have been a 'TOO SOON!' button on our remotes -_-

There should have been a ‘TOO SOON!’ button on our remotes -_-

Besides, there was some continuity. The characters may have all shifted around to accommodate the plot but Angela and Hodgin’s still got their screen time chemistry. Daisy and James Aubrey…I um…I’m not really sure about. Let’s stop thinking about that and putting it out there in the universe. And of course, our star couple had to get their screen time. It’s been ten years and the chemistry between them is still quite strong. Pat yourself on the shoulder, casting director.

Apart from the reasons I presented above, this episode should be a fan-favourite because it had nothing to do with the overall plot. Have you confused? Bear the irony for a second. In the Bones universe, there have been fans who have loyally stayed on for the decade. There have also been not-so-loyal fans who have watched a couple episodes per season. There are fans who started watching, stopped and then picked a season to continue watching (*points to self* re-started at season four) and there have been those fans who watched up to a certain season and then stopped altogether.

Bones’ fans come in all types. So, I’m pretty sure when the writers were looking for a way to celebrate all that Bones has accomplished in its 200th episode, they decided to veer from the plot. See how much sense it makes? (If you disagree it’s okay. Democracy and all that…). Why keep up with a plot that only loyal fans will follow when you want every Bones’ fan to enjoy the episode?

This isn’t just any old Bones’ episode. It’s the 200th episode. Also, the quality of an episode doesn’t count much when the TV audience numbers are low. Loyal Bones fans are slowly losing interest. This may be the last season. They had to make it count.

And it totally did. TV Rating: 10/10

I'm still daring you....

I’m still daring you….

2 responses to “TV Hotspot Features-I Must Gush! Bones’ 200th In the 10th

  1. I’m sorry, but this was a filler. Sure, it was decently done. I pointed out many inconsistencies as a vintage buff, since I know it isn’t THAT hard to be accurate with 30s – 50s attire. I mean, if I can do a pageboy, anyone can. But I expected more from a 200th episode. instead of something special happening in the actual plot line, we just pretend it doesn’t exist. I was already disappointed with the dream sequence episode. I felt things die with Zach was sneakily shoved aside, and I almost wish he was killed off like Sweets now. But with Sweets gone, it’s like the overall quality is going down hill. Kill off those we love and give us people we’ll hate. That’s Hanson’s new method.


    • I don’t doubt that the show is winding down to its ‘series finale’ period. And I’m still not pleased about Sweets death, no matter how many times I put on a brave face. So I get your disappointment. But please remember that killing off Sweets wasn’t Hart Hanson’s decision. The actor just wanted to go. Mhm. Yep. Sucks. And yes, the episode; no matter the writers’ possible intentions; was not for everyone. A lot of people wanted a continuation of the plot. Frankly, I liked the escapism. It made me remember why I liked the show so much. And it also reinforces why the show should be on its final season. Nothing lasts forever.


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