TV Hotspot Feature-I Finally Watched the Last Three Episodes of TVD and I Have Questions

Bonnie burning the Christmas tree is her angry black woman finally springing forth.

Bonnie burning the Christmas tree is her angry black woman finally springing forth.

Hey TV addicts,

I promised that I would catch up on The Vampire Diaries. Now I have a few questions that are either rhetorical–especially in the world of TVD–or will be answered later in the season. We all hope. For Enzo’s case, we really really hope it all makes sense. Once again, if you have any thoughts to add or more questions,comment below.

SPOILER ALERT: I have watched up to the tenth episode of season six. If you haven’t, enough said.

Damn you, Matt! Couldn't you have driven faster??

Damn you, Matt! Couldn’t you have driven faster??

Why is Enzo still Alive? Or in Mystic Falls? Or an issue? I ran through a mental checklist of what usually consists of a wholesome season in TV land and I realised how unimportant Enzo is to the show. A bonafide psychopathic villain? Check. Our usual motley crew of heroes (the gang and the replacement witches)? Check. Bad boy Damon who loves Elena but gets violent with a flip of a hat? Check. Stefan struggling with doing right in this world? Check. Brotherly love? Check. Bad Boy Enzo…wait. We already have a bad boy. We don’t need this guy.

Not only is his very presence questionable but also his reason for staying in Mystic Falls. He wants to make Stefan’s life a living hell? Too late. Stefan has already made Stefan’s life a living hell. His decisions have just created a bigger hole for him to fall in. He’s a flawed man now struggling with commitment issues. So writers, what is this? Kill Enzo. Come on.

Residual traveler feelings aside, this was a nice family scene.

Residual Traveler feelings aside, this was a nice family scene.

Why do the Bonnie Replacements Have a Plot? In season five when Bonnie lost her powers, we thought Liv would be the saving grace. In TVD land, when shit goes down, magic fixes it. Most All of the time. Without Bonnie, Mystic Falls would have been flattened land by now. You all know this. So when Liv and Lucas came on the scene, we all sighed in relief for these ‘Bonnie replacements’. They were just here to use their magic. Why do we need their back story? Why did the writers create an entire plot based on these two characters?

Now don’t get me wrong, the plot line for season 6 bloomed surprisingly well. There were a few twists that I could respect. Liv and Lucas were siblings of Jo and the psychopath, wow, didn’t expect that. Good good. I’m just a bit flummoxed on how these two characters rose to the central plot.  Maybe I still have residual annoyance for those crappy Travelers and now I don’t play well with new people.


Glad that they're closer but the circumstances suck.

Glad that they’re closer but the circumstances suck.

Why Aren’t Caroline and Stefan Together Yet? I thought I would be coming back to a new romance between these two. But in reality, her sick mother had to play the most obvious matchmaker in the world. I think that was the Sherrif’s way of telling her daughter that she wants Stefan to look out for her when she’s gone. It’s just tragic that she won’t be able to actually say it. SIDENOTE: Very unfair to have the Sheriff, who has been with us since season one, fatally ill but Enzo unnecessarily running around.

So close! >.<

So close! >.<

Am I the Only One Who Thought Damon Was Right? I can’t be the only one who thought they should have put a bullet in the psychopath’s head from the start. What? Headshots don’t make for network television? Tell that to Agents of SHIELD. There was no excuse why Alaric couldn’t put down the threat instantly. Maybe Jo had a chance to defeat her brother but she sure as hell doesn’t now. The Travelers are still haunting us with their messed up magic. Oh boy…

Why was that Ending so Abrupt? The writers are just determined to keep Elena and Damon from having any happy ending, aren’t they? Actually, I’m glad there wasn’t a lovey-dovey Delena moment because this was the winter finale, which should have blown my mind. It didn’t. The bad guy just took Elena. Oh hum. Nothing new. I was unimpressed. Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder has spoiled me. Sorry. I call a do over on the winter finale. There must be something that we can add to it.

And if there's nothing at all, let's just add a naked Damon.

And if there’s nothing else, let’s just add a naked Damon.


Give me your feedback! XD

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