TV Hotspot Feature-Three British Christmas Specials in Five Points or Less

'Blocked': From the Black Mirror Christmas Special, White Christmas.

‘Blocked’: From the Black Mirror Christmas Special, White Christmas.

I hope you all enjoyed your holiday! My holiday was so-so because I wanted it that way. I wanted to sleep in and play Sims all day. I missed those days.

But let’s get back to why you’re all reading this post: the British Christmas specials. I watched Downton Abbey’s 2014 Christmas Special, Doctor Who’s Last Christmas and Black Mirror’s White Christmas. A lot of original titles this year, right? They were all pretty good in their own special ways. I am about to tell you why in five points or less. I’m a wordy geek so challenge accepted.

And as River Song would say, “Spoilers!” Watch these shows and come back to agree or disagree with my points.

Santa riding Rudolph? That dream sequence was awesome.

Santa riding Rudolph? That dream sequence was awesome.

1. Last Christmas made Santa cool againBecause when you’re being eaten by crazy alien suckers on the North Pole, of course you’re going to want Santa save your ass. I love that, this year, Doctor Who writers decided to integrate Santa into the storyline. It only seems fair that the magical man gets his time to shine. And shine he did! He was witty and sarcastic and charming and Santa. He was also arguing with the Doctor, which now has fanfiction writers scurrying to pen some mad crossovers. It was great.

It's okay. You can blame the block system for as long as you need.

It’s okay. You can blame the block system for as long as you need.

2. White Christmas teaches that being ‘blocked’ may actually increase crime rates: Life dictates that if you don’t like a person, ignore them. But White Christmas just took it to a whole new level of ignorance. You can block yourself from seeing someone? Oh my gosh, those ‘eyes’ are the future’s Google Glass. An interesting concept, with very deadly results. Yes, murder is wrong but I honestly understand Potter’s frustration. Anyone’s frustration! Blocked by the woman he loved who he thought was carrying his child. Finally able to see the child four years later and realize it wasn’t your child all along. I wouldn’t be attacking  the grandfather. I would be attacking my ex’s lover. Full throttle. That snow globe would be red with his…*breathes*. I’m calm. So yes, that ‘block’ system can be very harmful.

Like this one! ^_^

Like this one! ^_^

3. Downton Abbey celebrates love no matter the age: If you all didn’t know that the butler and the head maid had that proposal coming, you have no romantic inclinations and you’ll probably die alone. I kid, I kid. You need to be a therapist to extrapolate feelings between those two. Most times, Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes’ conversations are harmlessly platonic. You can count on one hand the amount of episodes where you think Carson probably made a move on Mrs. Hughes. Probably. If you’re fast enough. I’m just glad that Carson finally realized what’s up and wants to do the dirty with Mrs. Hughes. Yeah. Old people loving.

The one thing that was a reprieve was dream Danny being so practical

The one thing that was a reprieve was dream Danny being so practical

4. The Who-ception needs to be discussed: Inception on top of Inception almost reaching Predestination levels? Are you kidding me, writers? It was Christmas. You could have played nice! Just when we thought the dream was over, it wasn’t; because Santa was still lurking around the place with his sleigh ready to take everyone home. And can we talk about that five minutes when Clara was old? Or maybe, let’s not. Just mentioning it made my brain quake in fear…whew. I needed to eat a candy cane to jump-start my mind after that.

Me while chanting “It’s Jon Hamm”

5. It’s Jon Hamm! I don’t even watch Mad Men religiously (not yet…its on my life to-do list) but I just love this actor. I mean, his reputation precedes him and then you’re pleased when it holds true. He’s also very, very easy on the eyes. So, I did a happy dance when it was announced he would be in the Black Mirror Christmas special. Heck, was I the only one who just liked his mere presence in the show? I can’t be.

Ack, I have more! It’s about Rosamund and her heart of gold. Isn’t she great? Ooh! And can that guy who races cars stay around? Lady Mary needs to pick someone. Ooh! And the new slavery in Black Mirror…enslaving yourself?? Ooh! And that dating service in Black Mirror needs to account for the crazy. Okay, I’m done. *looks around* I still win the challenge, right?

By the way, next year, I call for a Sherlock Christmas special. Who’s with me?! To encourage your support, let’s look at Benedict Cumberbatch being Benedict Cumberbatch.

200 200 (1)

Happy New Year!


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