Future Traveler-North Pole, Alaska


On this week’s Shortlist, we’re going to be a little festive and go to Alaska to see Santa Claus!

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Okay, so not Santa. But his house is available.

The North Pole


Santa Clause House, Alaska

This is going to be a very short post because I don’t think I need to explain why I want to visit the North Pole. It’s the North Pole. Where Santa Claus lives. Santa! Listen, boring adults who no longer have imaginations because soul sucking jobs ripped them away, we always need a bit of the fantastical in our lives. Why do you think I read/watch a lot of fantasy?

Escapism is a great medicine. So, I’m definitely high-tailing it to the North Pole to see  of one of our greatest fantasies ever told come to life: the story of Good ol’ St. Nick. Located in Fairbanks, Alaska. According to the official Santa Clause House website, the place boasts of memorabilia and merchandise of anything related to Santa and a Santa Clause Christmas. I totally want something designed like Rudolph!


I am a greedy little fatty…and proud!

They also sell a range of assorted pastry and coffee. Coffee and pastry in Santa Claus’s house? Yep. That’s legit. I bet the baker dresses like Mrs. Claus. If not, I just gave you free marketing advice, Santa Clause House managers. Anyway, put me down for a muffin with reindeer toppings and some hot cocoa.


I’m gonna hug it and then whisper ‘be real’

You can even take pictures with the biggest Santa sculpture in the world, that is standing nearly fifty feet tall. Wow. If that’s not the best tribute to Santa, I don’t know what is. There is also a Reindeer Team. When you read that, what came to mind? Don’t be shy: I was also thinking there was a team of trained reindeer, ready to do party tricks. Probably not…but it would be nice, right? Again, Santa Clause House managers, free marketing advice.

The architect is a Christmas genius.

The architect is a Christmas genius.

Apart from the house, the city is frozen in Christmastime all year round. They have candy cane street lamps. I just need a moment here. Candy cane street lamps? Why am I not on the plane already? When it is actually Christmas time, the city has a Winter Festival along with an annual North Pole Christmas in Ice Contest. They also have a place called Santa’s Office, where they send out Santa letters to children across the globe during Christmas time.

I don’t need to be a kid to feel that kind of excitement!

But I'll dance like a kid anyway.

But I’ll dance like a kid anyway.

A plane ticket-worthy trip. Come with me?



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