TV Hotspot Feature-BBC’s The Musketeers is Back!

BBC's The Musketeers

BBC’s The Musketeers

Hey TV addicts,

There are some days when I don’t actually want to weep for humanity. One of those days was when BBC One announced they were going to do a TV series on the Musketeers. A collaboration of The Musketeers and British television. The TV gods give their blesses.

After a great first series, it was then announced that there would be a series two. Cue happy dance in three, two, one…

This is now my official happy dance. Get down, Yoda!

This is now my official happy dance. Get down, Yoda!

Let’s review the series 2 premiere!

SPOILER ALERT: Go watch the episode before you spoil your TV appetite.

You've got some big shoes to fill

You’ve got some big shoes to fill

The Cardinal is now Doctor Who dead- I thought they would find someone to replace Peter Capaldi and keep the Cardinal alive. In the canon, Comte De Rochefort is as complex and formidable as the Cardinal but I think I might miss the old beast. Anyway, Comte De Rochefort, a Spanish spy–who knew the Spanish could be so ruthless? All my history textbooks lied to me–is out for Musketeer blood and something tells me he will find it through Queen Anne and her son. Speaking of Queen Anne…

And with that face, who wants to be innocent?

And with that face, who wants to be innocent?

Queen Anne is now Queen Undercover Badass– In season one, when she was almost kidnapped, took refuge at the convent and held her own, I always knew she would be a special one. Can’t even blame her for getting it on with Aramis (‘cus have you seen Aramis??), a woman in her place needs to produce an heir. Yes, lying about who fathered the child is generally wrong. But when you have kings like Henry VIII running around beheading queens because they can’t produce a male heir, a queen has to be resourceful. And her resourcefulness cemented her place as queen of France. So what does a powerful woman do? Why, save women like Constance from their insipid husbands, of course. And I know she wouldn’t mind Constance and D’artagnan getting it on the castle grounds. Because once you’ve had Aramis, you don’t go back to little Ms. good girl ,am I right? But then again, her matchmaking efforts might be wasted since…

Who is this new girl climbing on D’artagnan??- Because I did not wait ten episodes of massive sexual tension for this girl to claim his lips in like five seconds -_-. Okay, to be fair Constance rejected him. Again. But that doesn’t mean he has the right to allow another woman to kiss him on the castle grounds! Where she works! Come on, D’artagnan. Woman logic.

D'artagnan seen here, starting this crap by revealing his manly naked body.

D’artagnan seen here, starting this crap by revealing his manly naked body.

I mean, who does this girl think she is? Please note that I am very aware of her name (Lucy) but for the sake of Constance, I have decided she will be nameless. In fact, for the rest of the season, she will be called ‘new girl’. Mmmmhm. It is clear that I don’t approve and this won’t last long. *swerves head around like an angry black woman*

Not that I missed her but where is Milady De Winter?-What I have always admired about the Musketeer tale is that the women are seen as strong characters. There is Constance, Ms. Badass Queen A over here and Milady De Winter. I usually like her character but in this series, she annoys me. Maybe she will die like in the 1993 movie….but for now, I am missing her strong role in the show. I hope it won’t be the last that we see of her.

Watch her, being all strong and making men look like pansies.

Watch her: being all strong and ready to die for her cause.


Next week Friday is a new episode! I’m not sure if I can give it such a lengthy review but if all goes well, a character might be featured in my ‘Characters of the Week’ post.

Happy Musketeer season!





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