Musical Mentions-Song of the Week (Jan. 5-Jan. 11, 2015)

musical mention header

Hey music lovers,

So I haven’t been a Beyonce fan since 2011. I guess I got over her multitude of powerhouse performances and songs as well as her crazy fans. They now have a church dedicated to her somewhere, by the way. At least that’s what the latest Facebook rumor-mill keeps telling me.

But this song, from her latest album, was different from the usual twenty songs she churns out a year. It was slow, smooth and smoldered with an intense undertone of power that almost bubbles up to the surface but never does. Like magma, I suppose. And it doesn’t have to. And that’s okay. I liked that she performed this song sans her usual fierceness. I don’t think it could have happened any other way.

Take a listen to it, if you haven’t already. But I’m sure you have. It’s Beyonce and she’s everywhere.

Beyonce- Superpower

‘A subtle power’. Yes, Beyonce. I like this subtle side of you. It is more powerful than any ‘fierce’ performance you have ever had. Keep it up.


Give me your feedback! XD

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