TV Hotspot-Midweek Madness (Jan.4th -7th, 2015)


Midweek Madness is back, TV addicts!

How has the second part of the TV season been so far? I know many of us are missing some of our top shows. The die-hard Scandal fans are practically counting down the hours. The die-hard Walking Dead fans are re-enacting scenes so that their Sundays feel good. Anyway, forget about my ridiculous muses. Let’s see how the midweek has treated us. Like I always say: you disagree with my choices, you can list your own shows in the comment section below. They don’t even have to be the ones I watch. Maybe I’ll become inspired to watch them!

SPOILER ALERT: Click HERE for the list of shows I watch before you spoil your TV appetite.

The wings. The wings did it for me. ^_^

The wings. The wings did it for me. ^_^

Sleepy Hollow’s Paradise Lost: The gang meets Orion the angel. An angel. Who kicks demon ass. Sure, he’s as fanatical as Jim Jones was in the 1970s but you have to admit; his weaponry, his wings, his whole ‘warrior angel’ demeanor is kind of cool. I’m happy/sad the horseman didn’t get a chance to kill him. I want more of him. Oh, right. Before I forget this little crazy tidbit, Captain Irving is alive. Yep. Madness cemented, people. Who knows how many implications can be made of Captain Irving being alive. Does this mean that he’ll be the next horseman of the apocalypse? Remember that Henry said when Captain Irving died, he would have his soul? Henry is dead, right?. So, is the soul dead too?? Ugh! I don’t know. This madness is killing me. Writers, fix this.

"Hello, Jim" *puts hands over ears* Stop it!

“Hello, Jim” *puts hands over ears* Stop it!

Gotham’s Rogue’s Gallery: I suppose with Jim Gordon being stationed at the Arkham Asylum, madness was inevitable.Then we meet Jack Gruber, ‘The Electrocutioner’, and the madness just shoots to level 100. What was that man? What. Was. He? Even when he said Jim’s name, cold fear crept up my spine. He wasn’t just insanse. He was methodically insane. Extremely dangerous. Especially when he was performing electroshock therapy to create a brainwashed criminal. Oh my gosh, stop it. The madness is blinding. Hats off to you, Christopher Heyerdahl. When I saw that you were playing the villain, I had no doubt in my mind that your performance would not be the stuff of nightmares. Kids, everywhere, did not sleep Monday night.

Who didn’t make the cut?

Revenge’s Epitaph: That one moment when David Clarke admitted that Victoria should have been killed instead? Whoa. I always wondered if he wanted his own revenge against Victoria. This confirmed it. His secret came at an unexpected time but it was something we probably thought about once or twice.


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