TV Hotspot-Characters of the Week (Jan.4-Jan.10, 2015)


Hey TV addicts,

New year, old habits it seems. I could not escape the Tuesday tardiness this time. But moving along: It was the week of creeps, people. From Gotham’s tour of Arkham Asylum to American Horror Story finding someone creepier than Dandy. I’m beginning to question the childhoods of the AHS writers. Someone read a little too much Stephen King growing up. But as always, I digress. Here are my top picks for the week. Like I always say, if you have your own choices, feel free to comment.

SPOILER ALERT: Click HERE for the list of shows I watch before you spoil your TV appetite.

Heroes of the Week: Elsa and Desiree (American Horror Story)

No hesitancy. No comebacks. Just quick and clean.

No hesitancy. No comebacks. Just quick and clean.

The ending of that episode came out of nowhere. While  we were still going ‘oh yeah,  Desiree and Maggie had gone to see the dead freaks’, Elsa swooped in and gave Del one of the best headshots I’ve seen in a while. And I watch The Walking Dead. The performances of Jessica Lange and Angela Basset were superb. You’re left, for a moment, knowing you watched something truly awesome. Then you rewind the vid because you have to see it again. Damn that headshot was ready! Come, heroines, take thy prizes.

Villain of the Week: Jack Gruber (Gotham)

still cringing by the way  -_-

Still cringing -_-

‘Hello, Jim. May  I call you Jim?” I am still cringing when I think about how he spoke to Jim in the asylum. Creepy son of a…The only reason he’s not creep of the week is because he blew everyone away with his evil master plan. Yes, let’s make the delusional patient run amok as a nurse, freeing everyone and getting stampeded in the process. Then, like shady bosses, let us walk away without a scratch; a sympathetic axe killer as our body-guard. Wow. Mind-blowing, huh? Can you imagine how I felt?

200 (3)

Stop it. Stop the mindfuck.

I love a good villain that causes the world to fade around me. Mr. Gruber, take your trophy.

Underdog of the Week: David Clarke (Revenge)

Guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

David is always scheming in that show. So, if I had paid more attention to his logic and the past than his current feelings, I shouldn’t have been surprised when he had planned to bring down Victoria. I guess that level of betrayal cannot be forgiven. Oh, no. Poor Vickie. No one loves you enough to stay with you. The woman will never find the happiness she thinks she deserves.

Village Idiot: Barbara Gordon (Gotham)

LOL. Look at Ivy, being a troll.

LOL. Look at Ivy, being a troll.

Barbara just loves to piss everyone off, it seems. Poor Gordon thinks she’s lonely and lost as a bird while she shacks up with her ex. I guess this just points home for me. Putting my feminism aside, I have to say, these hoes just ain’t loyal. And when her ex abandons her–as most exes do–she tries to crawl back to Gordon. But Ivy said NOPE and the lies/betrayal/hoe fever ended. I know I should have placed my feminism back on two lines ago, but I don’t like Barbara enough. Not sorry. Sorry.

Creep of the Week: Aaron Helzinger (Gotham) and Chester (American Horror Story)

Is he still sorry?

Is he still sorry?

This week, I didn’t feel like comparing characters. Both of them brought so much crazy. Aaron Helzinger is Amygdala in the comics (just found out–I’m only a film and tv animation Batman fan). And from how he’s been described, enough said. The man is ‘sorry’ for murdering his family with an axe. Sorry? Um…*takes a step back*

To be fair...if I had that kind of doll running around, I'd be insane too

To be fair…if I had that kind of doll running around, I’d be insane too.

Then there’s Chester (played by NPH!!! Yes, I am a HIMYM fan. Barney was the glue for the show), who has a homicidal ventriloquist doll that reanimates and kills those who treat her unfairly. 0_0. But you have to wonder if it’s all in his head since no one else sees her except for him. Even Dandy had to pause. You know when Dandy is questioning someone else’s mental state, you have to take a big whole step back.


Villain of the Week: Joe Miller (Broadchurch). Pleading not guilty to the crime that he committed in front of Danny’s parents was just cruel. He’s one of those villains that I have no admiration for. It’s just pure dislike. This is why he will always be a contender but never a winner.

Creep of the Week: The Bette and Dot Deflowering Mission (American Horror Story). I had nowhere else to put this. But it had to be said. The hunt and capture of Chester for their purposes was amusing. And Chester’s face as he um…sank in? LOL. Priceless.

Village Idiot: King Louis (The Musketeers). How could I forget his royal majesty, King of France? You know, he almost redeemed himself when he was benevolent to those that wanted to help him and when he was adamant that the laws would be changed once he was back on his throne. Then, he became a jackass, forgot his promises and killed a man that had helped him instead of running away. Fool. The only reason he wasn’t the top idiot is because Barbara is more consistent with her idiocy.


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