Reality Bites-Nigeria vs. Hebdo Charlie? Why Are We Comparing?


 You must condemn acts of violence everywhere, and not compare atrocities. One human life is one human life. You can “be charlie” and highlight and promote what is happening in Nigeria at the same time. There’s no need to support one movement and not support the other.

And mentioning that their cartoons were offensive in the same sentence as saying murder is wrong sounds like pure victim blaming. You are all bordering on saying they deserved it.

Support your causes without tearing other ones down. It is never us versus them. As long as there is any hint of us vs. them in your thought, then we’re still losing. We are all on the same side.

-‘Sarah’: a commenter on the AwesomelyLuvvie website

Let me put this unnecessary disclaimer here: I knew about the Charlie Hebdo massacre before the Nigerian shootings. And although I am black and PROUD of it, I will always, always say ‘fuck you Islamic radicals for thinking that your guns are mightier than freedom of speech.’

I will say ‘Je Suis Charlie’. Not because I agree with what they drew on the covers of their magazines, not because I support their anti-whatever it was for the week. But for the very fact that they could. Naysayers and critics, you are missing the bigger picture. Especially when you say their level of ‘satire’ brings about consequences. Please specify these consequences, because the way it’s going, it seems equal to death. -_-

To the naysayers and critics, I say: We live in the Western Hemisphere, last I damn checked. Where you could be the biggest bigot and still live to be that bigot. The very fact that you can criticize the media’s treatment of the Charlie Hebdo crisis shows how privileged you really are. BOTH phenomena were wrong. BOTH were atrocities that in this day and age, really shouldn’t exist. So why put more negativity on both? Why come with your self-righteous, ‘I am black and proud and will not grieve for the white French people because the Nigerians didn’t get their time’ attitude? No. No. This isn’t a competition. This never was.

I am disappointed and disheartened when I see the two being compared in articles and on my Facebook and Twitter feed. Is this what we have become? Voltaire is turning in his damn grave. The man spoke up for tolerance and this is what we are doing? Mocking the Charlie Hebdo crisis with BS like ‘Je Suis Nigeria’. Like clearly, we don’t care about Nigeria.

Saw this in my Facebook feed. At first I liked it. Then I realized how much unnecessary hate this adds.

Saw this in my Facebook feed. At first I liked it. Then I realized how much unnecessary hate this adds.

People. STFU.

It hurts to see this.

It damn well hurts.

Let us try to remember what we are fighting for. Who we are fighting for. What happened in France was as excessively cruel as the massacre in Nigeria. The numbers don’t matter. The stolen lives do. I pray for both countries and I hope that the killers in Nigeria are hunted in the same way as France.

I don’t want to talk about this any more and I won’t in the future. I will just reiterate this: Just because you would never print the kind of material Charlie Hebdo released, doesn’t mean you’re not Charlie. The freedom to express your thoughts makes you Charlie every day.

“I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” -Voltaire.

Never forget that.

 Je suis Charlie.

My deepest condolences, Nigeria.


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