TV Hotspot-Characters of the Week (Jan.11-Jan.17, 2015)

Characters of the Week


Sunday, funday TV addicts!

I was determined to escape from the Tuesday-post jail. So, I painfully extricated myself from playing Sims 3 (I’m pretty sure it took two people to help me) to give this week’s post its true place on Sunday. Aren’t you proud of me? I’m mentally patting myself on the shoulder. Now, let’s see what the week had to offer. Oh, and as I always love to point out: my opinion is not law. If you disagree with my choices, don’t hesitate to tell me your picks!

SPOILER ALERT: Click HERE for the list of shows I watch before you spoil your TV appetite.

Hero of the Week: Richard Castle (Castle)

With technology, all you need is an sleuth app to become Nancy Drew.

With technology, all you need is an sleuth app to become Nancy Drew.

I don’t give this show enough credit. Ergo, I don’t give Castle much credit either. Who knew that with little resources, he could solve this week’s case? Okay, he didn’t exactly solve it. But he was mighty close. All he needed to do was sneak in on Beckett, using the guise of ‘honeymoon lunch’ and nab some more information. Whoa. Did I just say that? Hm. I think this means I would have been a great sleuth in another life. It would explain my love for mystery novels. Anyway, I’m digressing. Richard Castle, your resourcefulness was impressive. Come get your recognition.

Villain of the Week: Malcolm Black (Revenge)

And as he's walking away, people crap their pants.

And as he’s walking away, people crap their pants.

This villain is just openly dark.  He’s a criminal mastermind. He doesn’t have a conscience. He will cut down anyone to get what he wants. What he wants is his insanely violent daughter. Who is dead. And when he finds out? I don’t think Victoria and Emily have a prayer. Malcolm has just made the Graysons look like they weren’t even trying for the last two decades. No wonder David Clarke is so messed up and doesn’t think he has a soul. Malcolm was the devil who stole it.


Underdog of the Week: Preacher James (Resurrection)

"We have work to do." Hold up! Can you be specific??

“We have work to do.” Hold up! Can you be specific??

There is just something fishy about this man. He believes his ‘abilities’ are miraculous and what God wants us to know and understand. Man, I am going to be honest. I hate the devoutly religious characters in shows. I haven’t seen a good devoutly religious character since Touched By An Angel. 

Either these characters are delusional nutcases (redundant but it had to be said) or have delusional spurts which die as soon as the damage is done. But when one character that breaks the trend, he dies early. What exactly are you telling me, Hollywood? Go pray for your souls. -_-

Will, I am as confused as you.

Will, I am as confused as you.

Anyway, Preacher James can bring people back from the dead. He brought back Henry so for now, he seems safe. But his ominous ‘we’ve got work to do, Robert’ mantra is kind of freaking me out.

Creep of the Week: Comte de Rocheforte (The Musketeers)

The first scene of this week’s episode. When he made that prostitute dress like the queen and profess her love for him. It made me cringe. And I watch American Horror Story. Strange that it bothered me so. I mean earlier last year, I saw a zombie prostitute dress as a man’s crush (In the Flesh. Look it up) . At least they were living characters. But his hard, demanding tone coupled with that vulnerable look as he gazed at her just didn’t sit right with me. Queen Anne better watch herself.

Like a good ol' side-eye

A good ol’ side-eye. Y’hear, Anne?

Village Idiot: Beth Latimer (Broadchurch)

Yes, I am back to admonishing Beth. You’re pregnant! No, scratch that, you’re nine months pregnant. I have never been pregnant so correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t you waddling around like a duck with back pains that stretch for days? How is she finding the strength to get off her ass, walk briskly to Mills’ house just to tell to her GTFO? No, no, the hand of God helped her. Or she used the last of her angry black woman juice. So, she shouldn’t have blamed Mills for her water breaking. I mean, woman, you just walked with Herculean steps to this woman’s house. Of course the baby is going to want to come out and see what the fuss is about. She is the village idiot this week for so many reasons.

Had to use this picture again. Observe the pregnant Wonder Woman going for the neck.

Had to use this picture again. Observe the pregnant Wonder Woman going for the neck.

Not going to lie though. I hope I have that kind of strength if I’m in labour. I need to be a fearless Wonder Woman. I need to.


Heroes of the Week: The Freaks (American Horror Story), Constance Bonacieux (The Musketeers). The way the freaks dealt with Stanley was just downright cruel…and downright justified. If you wrong them, they make you want to go to the police to turn yourself in. Jail time is better than being mutilated as some twisted version of Meep. As for Constance? Just call her the angel of Mercy. She saved the Dauphin! But she barely escaped with her life. Constance, next time, tell people.

Creep of the Week: Chester (American Horror Story). Chester was at it again, this time. He skewered Maggie and although I agree with Desiree that she had it coming…damn. What a way to go. I wouldn’t wish that on my greatest enemy. Nope. No. I am not that heartless. But Chester’s craziness becomes intrinsic to him after one mention so there was no need to bring it up again.

Village Idiot: John Constantine (Constantine). I agree with Manny. His idea to bond with a demon king was a stupid move. Then they had an entire episode dedicated to his foolishness. Great episode but it was a pretty stupid plan. John’s lucky Beth’s herculean effort to beat the shit out of Mills was stupider. Or else I may have dedicated an entire post to his idiocy.

Keep the TV love strong, people.




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