TV Hotspot-Characters of the Week (Jan. 18-Jan. 24, 2015)

Characters of the WeekHey TV addicts,

The heroes were sort of lacking for this week. Sad to say, I was more impressed with the villains. The heroes need to up their game. I don’t like when I’m scraping for exceptional heroes. Maybe I need to widen my TV scope? SPOILER ALERT: Click HERE for the list of shows I watch before you spoil your TV appetite. Hero of the Week: Roy Harper (Arrow) I dubbed him hero of the week because he has come a long way from just being Thea’s girlfriend. I supposed he has improved since the start of season three but Ollie was blocking his spotlight. Now that Ollie is temporarily out of commission, I had to pay more attention to Roy. And I have to say, his moves? Impressive.The precision with the arrow shots and his stunts–Ollie would have been proud.

Not bad at all, Roy

Not bad at all, Roy.

Villain of the Week: Carmine Falcone (Gotham) There was just something inherently vicious about the way Falcone killed that girl and showed Fish that she should never hope to beat him. Before he choked her to death, he sympathized with her choices, which made his act even crueler. Yes, little girl, let me make you think you were blameles in all this…and kill you anyway. Oh, man. Nasty way to die. The other villains this week just didn’t cut it when Falcone finally put his foot down and said, “Nope.”

Vicious. But viciously brilliant.

Vicious. But viciously brilliant.

Creep of the Week: Rachel’s Baby (Resurrection) Yeah, I had to go there. Normally, I don’t condone persecuting those who have yet to be born but that trance the returned were under was pretty serious. I mean, I hate the crazy religious sentiment of killing babies but that doesn’t mean I won’t be cautious of that unborn child. Innocent until proven anti-Christ, I supppose.

What the hell is up with that baby??

What the hell is up with that baby??

Village Idiot: Margaux LeMarchal (Revenge) Do you mean to tell me that after Victoria told her about Amanda’s story, she still wants to act against her? Did Victoria tell it right? Most likely not but it doesn’t matter. Victoria, herself, has given up. So why the hell, Margaux, do you need to pick up the mantle? Are we going to have a promotional poster where she is also in the thorn dress? Foolishness. That woman is a waste of good airtime. Her presence should have died along with Daniel’s. Like Charlotte, she should have just left quietly. She’s pregnant, for goodness sake! First Beth from Broadchurch and now this idiot? Pregnant woman should not be harbouring so much unnecessary hate.

Margaux, get over your first world problems -_-

Margaux, get over your first world problems -_-

No underdogs this week. Like the heroes, they were hard to find. I hope I have better luck next time.

Contender: Villain of the Week: Captain Cold (The Flash). He should be renamed Mr. Cool Cat because he had a very blase demeanor with every obstacle he has come across. But it’s not all bark. He knows when to strike, when to let go and when to regroup. He pleasantly told the police that he would see them soon. And it seems he’s keeping his promise.

Give me your feedback! XD

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