Future Traveler- New Providence, Bahamas


Inspired by the season two premiere of Black Sails, I decided for this post to be about vacationing spots where real pirates once lived. The history of pirates has always been fascinating to me. And it’s not because I’ve watched all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Although I will always love my Captain Sparrow

Although I will always love my Captain Jack Sparrow.

As a Jamaican, if I want to vacation like a pirate all I have to do is take an hour and a half trip to Port Royal. But I want to visit another pirate spot in the Caribbean, which leads me to New Providence in Bahamas.

New Providence, Bahamas

Blackbeard's Tower, New Providence, Bahamas

Blackbeard’s Tower, New Providence, Bahamas

The legendary pirates of our time: Blackbeard, Henry Morgan, Anne Bonny and many others visited this island often. Blackbeard even created his own ‘Blackbeard waz here’ by building a tower for himself. You know, for when oral and written history of his ruthlessness wasn’t enough.

I love seeing the past come to life so going to Blackbeard’s tower, heck, just walking in places where pirates once lived will give me a little thrill. Lighthouses, forts, areas lined with historical buildings and monuments; it is a pirate fan’s dream.

Can you imagine a pirate being persecuted out in the square? And then being saved by his dastardly crew of men!

Can you imagine a pirate being persecuted in the town’s square? And then being saved by his dastardly crew of men!

Then there are the beaches. Now, as a Caribbean chick, I am no stranger to great beaches. But the creatures that lurk on our side of the Caribbean sea aren’t the same as the ones in the Bahamas. They have a Predator Lagoon, home to many dangerous creatures like the black nosed shark. They also have a marina called Stingray City. They even have a beach called Jaws Beach. After that story in 2010, I’m pretty sure it is as scary as the name suggests.

Better I take my chances with the lagoon.

Better I take my chances with the lagoon.

But let’s not forget the Love Beach. If I ever find a significant other, I would be tempted to go. We could try snorkeling, hand in hand. Unfortunately, for now I’m still officially a spinster. So I’m avoiding that beach like the plague.

Lastly, what kind of pirate lover would I be if I didn’t visit New Providence’s very own Pirates of Nassau Museum! ^_^. I’m willing to overlook the pink exterior for what’s inside. A ship! A pirate ship!! With a set depicting the days of the pirates on the island!!! Are you feeling the excitement that is emanating from me??!

0_0 Don't stop the fantasy!

0_0 Don’t stop the fantasy!

*clears throat and composes self before continuing*

According to the travelling sites my research, there is a multitude of other places to see and other activities to try out in New Providence. Definitely on my list of places to visit. Want to join me?


Give me your feedback! XD

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