TV Hotspot-Midweek Madness (Jan. 25-Jan. 27, 2015)


Hey TV addicts,

As the TV shows slowly reappear in their allotted air time, I’m assessing episodes with a meaner eye. In other words, not every madness you see on TV is going to make the cut. If I did that, I would be repeating The Originals and The Walking Dead every week. The madness must either be a sneak attack or just all out chaos and what I like to call: wtf-ery. Don’t agree with my choices? We are Westerners; speak your opinions!

SPOILER ALERT: Click HERE for the list of shows I watch before you spoil your TV appetite.

Resurrection’s Love in Return: If I did not mention this episode in the midweek madness, I would be doing it a damn injustice. From start to finish, you are holding your breath. Even when you think everything is great, after one year later, the locusts surround the supposed ‘anti-christ’ baby and your eyes widen, you blurt out, “Oh shit!” and people on the bus give you funny looks.


Even if you overlook that bout of madness, the rest of the episode took me on roller coaster ride of ‘will she or won’t she have that kid?’ The mob of resurrected…no, let me correct that…the stupid mob of resurrected folk attacking the family don’t really help matters. And just when you think Preacher James’ is going to succeed, in walks Bellamy, the sexy black angel of mercy to save the child. After that chaos, the world becomes like that Torchwood special where no one died. I have my questions, writers. So let’s hope the show has been renewed for a season 3.

Why locusts? Why are they surrounding the baby? Why are you giving me a headache?

Why locusts? Why are they drawn to the baby? Why are you giving me a headache?

Girls’ Female AuthorGirls has always been a questionably funny show. Don’t understand that phrase. Let me break down briefly. It’s dry, cynic, sick humor that you can only take in small measures each year. These movie channels know when to give the audience doses of these kinds of humor. HBO is basically writing the book. So, when we see Jessa in this episode, pulling down her shorts in public to pee because *cue awesome foreign accent* “A bathroom is hard to find right now” (or something to that extent), we chuckle while questioning our moral standards. Apart from the fact that our souls need cleansing, that scene was one maddening sneak attack.

And then she makes the ordinary bathroom pee face which we all use. 0_0 In public.

And then she makes the ordinary bathroom pee face which we all use. 0_0. In public.

It is also the reason I don’t watch Girls when kids are around. I’ll always think a parent is giving me disapproving stares while wishing I never have kids.

Which show didn’t make the cut?

Broadchurch’s Series 2 Episode 4: Soo…Nigel actually killed Danny? Why? Gosh, I don’t know if I’m annoyed by this revelation or curious to see more. Maybe it’s a little of both. I couldn’t have placed the episode in the madness slot this week because the shock factor element was a little too cloying. I’m beginning to think a series two wasn’t such a hot idea…

Enjoy the rest of the TV week, addicts.


Give me your feedback! XD

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