TV Hotspot Feature- #TGIT in Five Points or Less

Olivia Pope. Broken but NOT defeated.

Olivia Pope. Broken but NOT defeated.

How was your #TGIT experience, TV addicts?

Mine was mind-numbing, which is the reason this feature is out so late. THE FEEEEELLLS. I still can’t breathe. ABC didn’t even have mercy on us and allow a five-minute break between Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder. You owe me a couple of heartbeats, ABC. It was such an eventful night, I have decided to do the five-point challenge once more. I hope I do better than last time.

SPOILER ALERT: And if you haven’t gotten your unhealthy dose of #TGIT yet, what are you waiting for?

1. Olivia Pope Needed to STFU in this episode: Trust no one, Olivia. I mean, right from the start, fans on Twitter were calling out Ian. His Hollywood version of a sad life didn’t help his defense either.  Didn’t Papa and Mama Pope teach that thoroughly during the last season? The man cowering in a corner owes you nothing, Olivia. Especially your help. Trying to reassure him by telling him your connections to the President was such a big no-no. And she paid dearly for it in the end. Ian, the man who was in charge of the entire operation, now knows how deep her connections are to the President.  Scandal fans everywhere screamed ‘I told you so’ at their TV screens for that. But, shit is going to hit the fan, people! Did you all see that preview? STFU, Olivia!

"I know the president will come and save us..." SHADDUP, Olivia!

“I know the president will come and save us…” SHADDUP, Olivia!

2. Wes was the REAL thug in How to Get Away: Here, we were thinking that Wes was just some small-town believer in candy cane and rainbows. The complete opposite happened in this episode. He has been the glue holding Annalise and the student team together. From the minute Annalise made her presence known in her office, he was instantly a team player–they orchestrated their deadly duo plan and set it in motion. Then, he showed the police who was really pulling the strings by admitting from the get go that he and Rebecca are together–don’t hate. Then in the last scene, he brings Annalise and the team together when the two supposedly ‘thick skin’ students bitch out at the last-minute. I probably shouldn’t be condoning the actions of this murdering band of misfits. But it’s all about perspective. Right now, I’m with Team Wes.

Keep showing that thug life, Wes.

Keep doing that thug life, Wes.

3. The Many Roles Oliva played in the Run Episode: I counted at least three personas this woman developed in the small space of time she was in that fake prison. Not including the time she ‘white-hatted’ the henchmen on their way to the prison. First, she acted like G.I. Jane to Ian, telling him that she was going to find a way for them to escape–even spouting stories of a tracking device in her body–she is truly Papa Pope’s daughter. And who can forget the McGyver moment when she used the underwire in her bra to create a makeshift hook to open the window? I hate underwire bras but I think its time I invest in some.

0_0 *gones to get some wire-rimmed bras*

0_0 *goes to get some underwire bras*

When she got caught, Ian was ‘killed’ and she had that hallucination, she went through a Batman-training montage to get her shit together and find another way out. I’d love to know which persona she will have next. Judging by the preview, I feel its going to be the insane Bellatrix Lestrange. And it’s not because of her hair.

Okay, its a little bit of that.

Okay, it’s a bit of that.

4. Annalise is a Master Manipulator: When she was interrogated by the police and defeated the prosecution, I had to bow down in respect to this woman’s greatness. The way she weaved that poignantly, beautiful story to the policemen about her husband was just genius. The tears, the hitches in her voice, the averted, shameful stares: they were so on point! I gave her a standing ovation for that one. Respect, Keating. Respect.

Keating: Let's show 'em how it's done, hunny.

Keating: Let’s show ’em how it’s done, hun.

Then, if we weren’t already blown by that act, she tells DA Parks to check herself when she reveals footage of Sam and Lila arguing at the abortion clinic. Honestly, I couldn’t have been the only fan shouting. ‘FINISH HER!’ to my TV screen.

5. Stop Mind-Screwing with Me, Scandal! We got the Ian-plant right. But the fake prison in the real prison missed fans by a mile. I’m sorry, Shonda, didn’t realize that you had to always be two steps ahead of us. Let us retreat in our humble corners and allow you to work, Ms. Jedi of TV scripts. My jaw literally dropped when Olivia opened the door and found her hopes shattered. I mean, shattered into little almost unrecognizable fragments. The. Pain. I had to hold on to my chair. The Inception was too real. I thought I prepared myself but I was unworthy. So, unworthy.


And when Olivia was running down the hall like Speedy Gonzales to save herself, I couldn’t be the only one that was screaming, “Olivia, RUN!” so she could reach. Oh my gosh! My heart was in my throat, my ears were ringing: Olivia wasn’t the only person Shonda was torturing…*clutches heart* Good God, Shonda. I’m going to need an inhaler for the next #TGIT ordeal. Someone remind me.

Oh. That was a sixth point? It didn’t have a title. It doesn’t count. This is my blog. Don’t dispute me.

Happy #TGIT, addicts.


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