Musical Mentions-Where you Been, Missy?!

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Hey music lovers!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a article on music. So I’m going to focus on the one thing that any serious musician works hard to achieve in his/her career: The Superbowl Half-Time Show. I don’t watch the Superbowl, neither do I watch the halftime shows. I like to hear about the gossip the day after. Stupid me stuck to tradition this year and missed a live performance by MISSY ELLIOT!

Alright, alright. It was Katy Perry’s Halftime Show and Missy was just featured. But the technicalities don’t matter. After years, this woman is finally showing her face again. Missy! Girrrl, where you been?

I like Katy Perry, I do. Her music is nice and poppy and subtly sex-freaky, which can be fun at times. But I’m sorry, the half-time show got ten times better because of Missy’s performance. You can call me an old woman with her head stuck in the early 2000s but I can’t help it! Missy’s songs are still hitting it!

*fangirl scream* It's MISSSY!

*fangirl scream* It’s MISSSEEHH!

After Missy’s performance, I just stopped watching the show. It didn’t make any sense.  I was still riding high from seeing Missy after all these years. Girl, where you been?! I know you’ve been around but your appearances have been limited. Don’t you see the rap industry is struggling? Even Lil’ Wayne is dying down. He’s remembering all the good times in 2007 and is depressed. Who else is missing? Outkast. Graduation!Kanye West. T.I. T-Pain, Eve…where are these people? They kept up rap in the 2000s when every other music genre seemed to be engulfed in pop music.

What Lil' Wayne is thinking: "2007....such a good year".

What Lil’ Wayne is thinking: “2007….such a good year”.

Let me backtrack to the half time show before I get too nostalgic. I’m pretty sure the rest of it was good. But Katy Perry, you must have expected people talking about Missy more than you. I just heard the words Missy and half-time show today and ran to YouTube. The woman was on fire! She lost weight. We all knew that. But she hasn’t lost her talent. Even her weave was dancing. That’s how the beat was solid!

Go Missy, its your birthday, heeeey!

Go Missy, its your birthday, heeeey!

Lose Control, Get Ya Freak On, Work It….those were my songs! To this day, if I hear these songs, I’m going to perform my Yoda dance in the streets. When people hear what I’m dancing to, they will instantly accept it.

*hears Lose Control* Get down, Yoda!

*hears Lose Control* Get down, Yoda!

I also heard that she has an album coming up. Gosh, I hate saying this but YAAAAASSSS. This is what I need in life right now. A good Missy Elliot album. She just needs a Greatest Hits album and then she can retire. But Missy, you can’t stop now. Not with that half-time show performance. Not with people on Twitter saying they don’t know you.

Spread your awesomeness, Missy. Some people have to learn music done right.


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