TV Hotspot-Characters of the Week (Jan. 25-Jan. 31, 2015)

Characters of the Week

Hey TV addicts,

I know that this is a day late but I HAD to talk about #TGIT before posting this. If you want to know why I still can’t breathe, here’s the post. #TGIT must have sparked inspiration for the other shows to really step up their game because I have contenders coming out of my ears. So, which characters got top spot?

SPOILER ALERT: Click HERE for the list of shows I watch before you spoil your TV appetite.

Heroes of the Week: Klaus and Elijah Mikaelson (The Originals)

The Originals airs on Monday, so the brothers faced serious competition by the end of the week. But I support their hero statuses because I love seeing family and brotherhood work together to defeat the enemy…which was another brother. Goodness, all these technicalities. Anyway, the fact is that they faced mental tests, redemption struggles and forgiveness all in one day. I’m proud of these two–made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Defeated by brotherhood!

Defeated by brotherhood!

Villain of the Week: Lewis Litt (Suits)

It such a shame I have to mention Lewis in the villain category. I really like him!

And he was a cat lover! He scored in my book.

And he was a cat lover! He scored in my book.


But when he became a thorn in everyone’s side, I had to drop kick him to the villain curb. It was annoying enough that he was a bitch to Mike but to go after Rachel? Unnecessary. I’m just about ready for Jessica to remember her ‘angry black woman’ roots and punch him in the face. Well, either her or Harvey. I’m betting on Harvey. He can really throw a good punch.

I especially liked the part where he was being a bitch to Jessica -_-

I especially liked the part where he kept shouting at Jessica -_-

Underdogs of the Week: Elizabeth and Philip Jennings (The Americans)

Forget your empathy for these two, especially with their parental roles, which questions your political standpoint. They are primarily Russian agents, so they are ruthless and always find a way to get what they want. Thus the reason they are the underdogs for this week. Their performance levels as agents are impressively high. Why? Want to see an example? Philip twists the death of his female spy to create another one in her killer. My gosh. I am repulsed and impressed by that move.

"I can make this go away." 0_0 She's not even cold yet!

“I can make this go away.” 0_0 She’s not even dead for two minutes!

Creep of the Week: Jacob Shaw (Constantine)

Or who I like to call Freddy Krueger 2. The episode was like a 21st century’s Nightmare Before Christmas reboot sequel where, instead of dreams, the kids get trapped in different dimensions. I’m not a fan of horror movies. The most I can watch are thrillers and even those sometimes have me looking behind my shoulder. So, of course Jacob Shaw freaked me out. It got especially ‘eye-widening’ when he told the students that they should play a game. So…he’s Freddie Krueger and Jigsaw? His game must be such fun.

"I'm Jacob Shaw"...and I just peed in my pants. 0-0

“I’m Jacob Shaw”…*cringes* and I just peed in my pants. 

Village Idiot: Jessa Johanson (Girls)

There have been a number of idiots this week but Jessa still takes the cake. Peeing in public is something that not only the law frowns upon but anyone with personal hygiene frowns upon. Now, I have seen and heard a lot of things about peeing in public. Some that I won’t discuss because no matter the language I use, this is still a public platform, but for the sake of relieving one’s bowels? Keep it in until you find a toilet, Jessa! For the sake of those around you, at least. Adam did not deserve to get arrested with you because of your crap. Or should I say pee? Ugh. Whatever.

SIGH....*shakes head*

SIGH….*shakes head*





Heroes of the Week: Jessica Pearson (Suits) and Captain Flint (Black Sails). These two characters create the ‘sneak’ in the word ‘sneaky’. When you think Jessica had no other cards on the table to defeat Lewis, she suddenly corners him in the rare and beautiful way Jessica does best. Brilliantly played. Similarly, Captain Flint shows the crew that he is the only strategic master on the ship. He did it in a roundabout and bloody way–many lives were lost–but it was still effective.

Villain of the Week: Ian (Scandal) and Ned Lowe (Pirates). Although we knew that he was a villain from the get-go, his method of breaking Olivia is still messed up. Another character who loves his torture is Ned Lowe. Vane needs to find a way to kill him soon. Unless he wants his little blond dream to end up raped and murdered.

Creep of the Week: Captain Irving (Sleepy Hollow). He just keeps getting creepy as the episodes progress. I mean, just when Katrina writes him off as being safe, we don’t see his reflection in the mirror….what’s up with that? Does Katrina know? Is she trying to protect her son?

Village Idiot: Dinah Laurel Lance (Arrow) and Emilie (The Musketeers). I didn’t give these characters top spot because they redeemed themselves at the end of their episodes. Laurel thought she could be like her sister, which was dumb. She isn’t even that much of a fighter. But at the end of the episode, you could see that she had a lot of heart. More training though, Laurel. For all of us. Emile,thinking that she should ride into France to kill a king, also realized that her mother was using her and not God. Thank goodness too. Regicide is no joke.

Whew. What a post. But this is what I like to see. Good television.

Happy TV week, addicts.


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