TV Hotspot-Midweek Madness (Feb. 1-Feb. 3, 2015)


What’s up, TV addicts?

It’s that time of week again when we look back at all the TV madness that’s happened since the start of the week. You may notice that my choices are mainly Monday shows. Sunday shows were out of commission because of the Super Bowl. I suppose the producers thought it was best to give up on competing with the Super Bowl, especially since Missy Elliot performed. Anyway, let’s get to the madness!

SPOILER ALERT: Click HERE for the list of shows I watch before you spoil your TV appetite.

Gotham’s The Fearsome Mr. Crane: Gotham is becoming a regular in the midweek madness posts. But can you blame me? The season started with such intrigue and from then, it has just been from one extreme to the next. You have to applaud comic book/TV superheroes writers. They know how to write a good villain. The main villain of the episode was formidable but I will be giving the madness to Fish Moony. Did anyone see that Fight Club-like scene between her and the soldier? They were about to throw down! What is going on??

"I THROW DOWN people like you before breakfast, boy!" This is what she's thinking. No lie.

“I THROW DOWN people like you before breakfast, boy!” This is what she’s thinking. No lie.

Castle’s I, WitnessThe episode itself wasn’t so crazy. The madness stems from Castle’s wild theories. I have never seen him go through so many in one episode. It had to be a record in the seven years this show has been on. First, her husband kills her; next, she’s alive. Next, her husband’s associates killed her and on and on and on. I think I had to pause the video just to get a handle on his latest theory. Castle, calm down before your brain explodes.

Like this.

Like this.

The Originals’ Sanctuary: I have one word to sum up the madness in The Originals. FREYA. She is one very badass character! I will gush more about Freya’s awesomeness later but let me focus on her rescue and refreshing dialogue. The way she saved her sister from those witch bullies was TV gold! Then, she reminds Rebecca that when she sees her brothers, they have to behave themselves? LOL! Yes! Big sis is coming to scold her little siblings. About time, too. Finn is getting on my last nerve.

"I know you know his secret!" *rolls eyes* Oh SHUT UP, Finn!

“I know you know his secret!” *rolls eyes* Oh SHUT UP, Finn!

So who didn’t make the cut?

The Mindy Project’s No More Mr. Noishe Guy: Mindy’s pregnant?! Whoa. WHOA. I don’t think any fan saw that coming…until after her and Danny’s marriage of course. Of course. A girl can hope. I don’t envy Mindy’s situation. Especially since she and Danny hit a rough patch.

Come back for more of the madness, addicts!



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