TV Hotspot Feature- #SoundofMusic, #OscarsSoWhite and other Highlights.

The 87th Academy Awards

The 87th Academy Awards

Hey TV addicts,

I don’t normally watch award shows. Half of the time, I’m bored and the people who I believe should be rewarded, are never rewarded. Usually, I just look at the list of those that won and move on with life.

Curse my mother for knowing the right words to entice me into watching it. All she had to say was ‘Lady Gaga’ and ‘Sound of Music’ for my black girl, gossipy self to follow her to the television. I blame her for this post.

So, I watched Lady Gaga put her all into that Sound of Music tribute. It was beautifully done and she didn’t try to imitate the, as she put it, incomparable Julie Andrews. She didn’t want to embarrass herself in front of the world.

Nope. When singing tracks from Sound of Music, you must look forever benign and humbled, while sporting the most innocent (virginal) dress in the world. Because. Kids. Also, it was the Oscars. That there is some sophistication.

Lady Gaga knows what's up!

Lady Gaga knows what’s up!

I was pleased with her efforts to come off flawlessly. Yes, Lady Gaga, show the world that your career wasn’t made from shock tactics and pomp. You are fantastic singer and it showed. Plus, Dame Julie Andrews–maven goddess of all that is needed from a female singer–approved. You get a compliment from her, your music career is blessed for life.

I bless your career my child, for I am the singing goddess in Hollywood.

I bless your career my child, for I am the singing goddess in Hollywood.

With such a great performance, I felt I could stay for more. Well, I was only half wrong. I stayed to see the screenwriter from the Imitation Game get an award, stand up for the gays and sit back down. I stayed to see Eddie Redmayne (who I have loved since he acted in Pillars of the Earth) snag best actor from the cream of the crop.

Look at his shock, so cute! ^_^

Look at his shock, so cute! ^_^

I stayed to see the Grand Budapest Hotel win some awards. But I wish I had missed Birdman hogging the rest of them. I also wish I had missed the Oscar snubs for Selma.

Why were the Oscars so white? I mean, yes, Selma is just one movie in a sea of movies that were made in 2014 but just one Oscar? One? Yes, we are glad that the movie won for Best Song but it seems like that Hollywood trick of the one token black person in movies. Best Song was the one token award for this black movie. Thanks, Hollywood.

Dr. King does not approve.

Dr. King does not approve.

I do believe racism still and maybe will always exist yet for my personal reasons, I am not a staunch activist.  But after the Grammy awards and now the Oscars, you have to wonder who is making all these decisions. NPH said it best: “we’re celebrating the best and whitest.” Come on, Oscars. Last year we had a slew of protests against racist politics. You should have seen this backlash coming.

Anyway, go on wit your bad, black self. You won’t take to telling.

The irony, huh.

The irony, huh?


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