Musical Mentions-Song of the Week (March 2-March 7, 2015)

musical mention header

Hey music lovers,

I was watching Maroon 5’s latest video for their song, Sugar. My sister was behind me, gushing about Adam Levine…or was that me? Doesn’t matter. Adam Levine is everything and his new clothing line is coming in an ‘I Must Gush’ post.

So I became inspired to listen to some old Maroon 5, which led me to the song Adam Levine made with old Kanye West. Remember old Kanye? When his songs were about Jesus and they kept it real? Here’s a refreshment:

Heard ’em Say-Kanye ft. Adam Levine.

Now, Kanye held his own with this song. The lyrics and the video were so poignantly eye-opening. I loved the man’s seriousness. Loved it. Now, its dead as much as his new clothing line but anyway…and of course, you know Adam Levine’s chords are a godsend. And let’s be honest, people…

Kim Kardashian has nothing on the man.



Give me your feedback! XD

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