TV Hotspot-Characters of the Week (Feb.22-Feb.28, 2015)

Characters of the Week

Hello again TV addicts,

Dang it! The Tuesday curse has struck again. I really tried but my week and weekend were swamped. Hey, remember that if you don’t agree with my choices you can always post your picks for last week. My word is certainly not law.

SPOILER ALERT: Click HERE for the list of shows I watch before you spoil your TV appetite.
Hero of the Week: Harvey Specter (Suits)

Donna was in trouble and the guy swooped in like the REAL superman on a mission. If I didn’t mention him in some way, I would be doing the Suits writers a disservice. You had us on the edge of our seats, writers. When we thought Donna was going to become one of those badass ladies from Orange is the New Black, Harvey saved her. And saved her. And saved her. It was becoming a Lois and Clark moment, truly. Let’s just hope he can save her once more.

We won't let you go, Donna!

We won’t let you go, Donna!

Villain of the Week: Wayne Industries (Gotham)

How can you prey on a little kid? Yes, this child is intelligent but without the proper resources, he has next to nothing on the shady dealings of the company. And they planted a trusted friend inside. That is low. Bruce, these people need to go. Isn’t there some long lost, extremely powerful Wayne out there? Oprah! You’re needed.

Privileged bastards!

Privileged bastards!

Creep of the Week: M. I. R. A. (Castle)

I love how a number of the shows I watch allude to scifi movies. This episode of Castle was no exception. They almost created the female version of Hal 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey, which is definitely proves why the A. I. is creep of the week. Just as Hal denied a request from Bowman, Mira denied Castle and Beckett answers in that “I can’t do that” blank computer tone that makes you shudder. If you haven’t watched 2001: A Space Odyssey as yet, be warned that you may not want to use a computer for a while.

"I'm sorry, I can't do that."  *pauses and blinks*

“I’m sorry, I can’t do that.” *pauses and blinks*

Village Idiot: Jeff Malone (Suits)

First off, the Jessica/Jeff relationship always weirded me out because I thought there wasn’t any man who could handle that black mama powerhouse. She was tough, sharp and stylish. The perfect combination for a man killer. So when Jeff came onto the scene, I was counting down the days until she broke him. But…she didn’t. She told him one white lie. One. And all of a sudden, he’s the man bitch who feels heartbroken. post-30371-I-suggest-you-stop-whining-lik-msaV Listen, I watch Suits knowing that since its a show about lawyers, someone is lying to somebody about something in every episode. Why is Jeff going crazy over this lie? Sir, she’s the managing partner. She always has to keep things in order. Your relationship isn’t affected by this….so…why you bitching? Jessica! You don’t need this pansy ass brotha. I hope he leaves. What a waste of space.

Twist of the Week: How to Get Away With Murder

Well. We finally know Frank’s profession. Hit man/Henchman. But this begs the question of questions: did Annalise know? Was she just playing around with Sam? Because that mirror scene with her taking off her wig is still saying something to my black soul. The woman had to strip down and reveal her vulnerability. I don’t want to know that wasn’t real! Then, if that twist just wasn’t enough to blow your TV addict mind away, Rebecca is dead. Dead as a gothic doornail. *shakes head* Where do they come up with this stuff? anigif_enhanced-buzz-16624-1412788211-11

No underdog of the week, guys. None that I know of. What about you?


Give me your feedback! XD

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