Author’s Notes-Blog Updates (March 5, 2015)


Hey people.

I once did a test to see which side of my brain I mostly use. The test revealed the left side, where all the creativity develops. Since I’m so damn creative, my blog will have to be damn diverse.

Movie Moments: Remember the ‘Movie Moments’ idea I had? It will officially be joining my blog. I can’t call myself a pop-culture enthusiast and not speak about movies. I would feel fraudulent. You already know I can’t work by a schedule to save my soul, so just keep a sharp look out for this bite-sized posts whenever I make them.

Next time I make any additions, I should dial down on the alliteration.

More Segmentation!-You may have noticed the Bibliophilia section has a book challenge? I’m going to be working on that once I have more time.

Happy blogging.


Give me your feedback! XD

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