TV Hotspot-Midweek Madness (March 1-March 3, 2015)


Hey TV addicts,

A TV show will be in the madness spot once more. I thought I could avoid favouritism but there are shows that should be mentioned every week. Or I’m not being a good pop-culture enthusiast.

SPOILER ALERT: Click HERE for the list of shows I watch before you spoil your TV appetite

Gotham’s Everyone Has a Cobblepot– The episode’s premise was tepid at best. But Miriam Loeb takes the madness spot like how she captured those dead rats. Poor thing doesn’t even realize how insane she is, especially as she describes her mother’s death. Gotham is and will forever be a twisted little city with twisted little citizens like Miriam.

That smile, though *cringes*

That smile, though *cringes*

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD’s Aftershocks– From Raina’s transformation to Daisy/Skye’s powers, the writers separated the ones who did and did not prepare themselves during the hiatus. I felt prepared but seeing Raina like that, I was wrong. So very wrong. Am I the only one who thinks she looks like the black sonic hedgehog? Come on, you were thinking it too!

I'm right, aren't I? *smug smile*

I’m right, aren’t I? *smug smile*

I mean, I know who Raina is in the comics but I couldn’t help the comparisons. And Skye? I feel it for her. Her father is right. No one will understand her like he does. I know it’s coming but I don’t want her to leave SHIELD. Even if the comic books say it is just for a moment. But someone is going to find out soon and so as much as I want to believe that Fitz can help her, it doesn’t seem likely.

Then this happened:


And after I stopped blinking rapidly at my screen, I listed this episode in the madness post. Because…


The Following’s New Blood-Well, I may not watch the show ever again but Iwill give it madness credit for the season premiere. In season two, the twin boys Mark and Luke gave the show that extra oomph of insanity which was appealing. Then the show ended, Luke had died and we could all safely assume that Mark killed himself to join his brother and mother in the afterlife. Wrong. He came back with more sociopaths to exact revenge on Ryan Hardy and crew. Boy…cry me a river. I was about to stop watching when I noticed that Mark kept talking to himself and was feeding a mannequin with a mirror. That’s when I realized, Mark thought Luke was within him.

...da hell...?

…da hell…?

Can’t put a good twin down, it seems. Mark/Luke not only made it on the madness post but also won it. Didn’t I save the best for last?

Hats off to you, sir(s).

Hats off to you, sir(s).

Well, these are my picks for midweek. Happy TV season, addicts.


Give me your feedback! XD

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