Future Traveler-Roswell, New Mexico


Hi travellers.

Do you believe in aliens? Hollywood has certainly done its fair share convincing us. Scientists believe there could be life on our planets and if not, the universe is so vast that they can’t really discount it. I don’t know what to believe and my X-Files binge-watch did nothing to discourage my uncertainty. But there is one thing I’m sure of; I want to visit the place where it all began: Roswell, New Mexico.

Roswell, New Mexico

via: wikipedia

via: wikipedia

The Roswell alien mystery of 1947  terrifies and excites me. Growing up, I would watch UFO documentaries and have nightmares the following evening. I didn’t watch The X-Files until I was 23 and even then, I refused to watch it at night. The history behind Roswell holds the same appeal. I’m frightened by the implications but I don’t think I could resist visiting the town.

Truth is a lot stranger than fiction.

Truth is a lot stranger than fiction.

It all boils down to this: people are curious about the unknown. It’s the entire reason we have such a thriving science fiction fan base. Even if you’re not an avid fan, you may have watched one or two scifi movies. Bet you couldn’t escape Independence Day.

0_0 No one could escape.

0_0 No one could escape.

This interest has helped Roswell capitalize on the mystery. Tourism is practically the town’s main revenue. They have ‘alien’ shops; all the merchandise good money can buy.

I need my very own alien hat just so I can embarrass my friends.

I need my very own alien hat just so I can embarrass my friends.

The town features the alleged crash site and Area 51. As a fan of X-Files and a certified scifi geek, I must see these places. The town also has an International UFO Museum, which chronicles the history of the town,  the Roswell crash site, UFO sightings, and UFO literature.


You can relive the X-Files all over again!

They even have a freaking highway named after aliens! The town just grabbed the alien mystery and ran with it like the Road Runner on drugs.

You can't tell me that sign isn't cool.

But you can’t tell me this sign isn’t cool.

There was also a book and TV show series entitled Roswell. Granted, the plot line was cheesy but it propelled the town’s fame. If Roswell wasn’t internationally acclaimed then, after 2002, it surely was.

One day, I’m going to put on my big girl underwear and visit the town. Let’s just hope I don’t look out my hotel window and see an unwelcome guest.

I have a very active imagination -_-

I have a very active imagination -_-

Would you want to visit Roswell? Or do you just think the alien mystery is just another government conspiracy?


Give me your feedback! XD

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