TV Hotspot-Characters of the Week (March 8-March 14, 2015)

Characters of the Week

Hey TV addicts,

Here were my choices for the week. Try to remember my words are not law. I’m beginning to think I’m too easily impressed. Tell me about other characters that you think deserve top spot in the categories. They don’t have to be from the shows I watch.

SPOILER ALERT: Click HERE for the list of shows I watch before you spoil your TV appetite

Hero of the Week: Olivia Pope (Scandal)

From being kidnapped, to breaking up with Fitz, to feeling traumatized in her own home, Olivia has been through a lot. So when she became an angel of hope despite all that: trying to find her neighbour’s body for her lover, it was an admirable gesture. Olivia, as always, you’re just trying to ensure the white hat is not permanently stained with blood. Even when facing trauma.

Relax now, Olivia. You dun good.

Relax now, Olivia. You dun good.

Villain of the Week: Eva Sinclair (The Originals)

I watched a lot villains this week but none can compare to Eva Sinclair (hey, I rhymed!). The end scene of the episode gave us more than enough evidence of the damage she will cause. But it also leads us to think about how she resurrected in the first place. Aren’t the original owners submissive when it comes to these possessions? Is Eva that powerful? Has she been listening the whole time? Gosh, as if we didn’t have enough villains to worry about in this show…

This witch is a force to be reckoned with.

This witch is a force to be reckoned with.

Underdog of the Week: Emily Thorne (Revenge)

Let’s be honest, for all of Emily’s tricks, we thought Margaux almost had her. But, as usual, don’t ever make the mistake of underestimating Emily. The woman was trained by a Japanese man and you know how much priority is placed on revenge in Japan! Okay, well I don’t really have facts but all those Japanese and anime movies couldn’t have just made up those revenge mantras. Better luck next time, Margaux.

"Not invincible...better" HAHA. Yep!

“Not invincible…better” HAHA. Yep!

Creep of the Week: Carol  Peletier (The Walking Dead)

I couldn’t even tell you if she was lying to the boy; her threat was so spine-tingling. Besides those carefully measured words, the scene was set in night so dark shadows yawned behind her. If that boy didn’t mess himself, he’s a gladiator. I wouldn’t have cared if I was He-Man, if someone described my disappearance and death in great detail like that I wouldn’t even look he/she in the eye too tough from now on.

Girl, stop it!

Girl, stop it!

Village Idiot: Caroline Forbes (The Vampire Diaries)

Caroline, you fool. As a woman free from emotions, she should have her logic more intact. Do better, Caroline. You know Stefan basically becomes the Ripper when his emotions are turned off. Even when they aren’t, he still can’t resist his murderous nature. This can only end badly. And with Caroline out of commission and Elena now Damon’s, how do they expect to bring back Stefan. This deadly duo is going to be a scourge of the town. Thanks, Caroline -_-

And over on the right, we see the fool who's about to get herself killed -_-

And over on the right, we see the fool who’s about to get herself killed.

Bad-ass of the Week: Charles Vane (Black Sails)

When Charles Vane became the most memorable character in the last Black Sails episode, I HAD to create a new category for him. He’s now the first bad-ass for the week. Not too villainy, not too heroic and too amazing to ever be considered an underdog. No, his ‘F&%$ You’ to Eleanor, consisting of an understandable back-story and her dead father, told us how bad-ass this man truly is. I may like Captain Flint but I’m always here for Charles Vane and his campaign to eradicate the threat of slavery. ALWAYS.

*singsong voice* Lalala...Charles Vane gives no shits.

*singsong voice* Lalala…Charles Vane gives no shits.

Happy TV week, addicts.


3 responses to “TV Hotspot-Characters of the Week (March 8-March 14, 2015)

  1. Yes! Vane deserves that special category, can’t wait for more of his badassery in the next episode. Also, I laughed at Creepy Carol, she has been freaking me out a lot lately.


    • For the entire Black Sails episode, I was wondering where Vane was. I couldn’t believe he was dead. You can’t write Charles Vane off that easily. Carol is a product of her experiences, which have made her soulless lol

      Liked by 1 person

      • I fear character death constantly, so to see Vane alive, well and being awesome was a relief at the end. Oh she is! Her acting skills around these people are pretty top notch too, especially that forced smile.

        Liked by 1 person

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