TV Hotspot’s Midweek Madness (March 15-March 17, 2015)


Hey TV addicts,

The madness got a bit gruesome this week. Especially in the Walking Dead. I had to be looking around the bus, making sure no kids were watching the episode. Also, so I didn’t throw up my breakfast. But I persevered, barely, through those scenes. And now I’m going to speak to you about them. Let’s get to it. Remember, remember that I am no expert. If you have a ‘madness’ episode you would like to share, speak up!

SPOILER ALERT: Click HERE for the list of shows I watch before you spoil your TV appetite

The Walking Dead’s Spend:  Just a moment of silence for Noah. His death was not right. I’m not happy. Noah was so positive. He was so excited to be living in a safe zone. He was making long-term goals! I’m angry. I am angry because he was positive to the very end. His “don’t let go” had us feeling a glimmer of hope because of his own hope: for his future and life in the community. I am also angry because Glenn hasn’t popped two bullets into Nicholas’ head. Little bitch! Who runs away from the team? Zombie survival 101. Unless the person is completely inactive, you don’t abandon. I need something to be done about him. Writers, let’s sic Carol on him. We now know she uses zombies to torture.


*shakes head* Just ain’t right.

The Flash’s Out of Time: Hoooly shit, Batman! What were those last couple of minutes? First, its been very much confirmed that Harrison Wells is the Reverse Flash. Then, he killed Cisco and I did rip out out ‘Hell No’ because the goofy, yet geeky scientist doesn’t die in these shows and then Barry went back in time while trying to save the town from a tsunami…*catches breath* Someone on the writing team obviously loves Shondaland. Should have known it would get crazy when we saw Spartacus’ Liam McIntyre guest star in the episode. Of course bunny eyes Spartacus would be apart of it. Of course he would.

But the best part was the time travel! #scifinerd

But the best part was the time travel! #scifinerd ^_^

PS: I called Liam McIntyre bunny eyes when he replaced Andy Whitfield and his steel gaze. If you ever stumble across a Spartacus episode with him, look deep into his eyes and you will know I am not joking.



Happy TV week, addicts!


Give me your feedback! XD

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