TV Hotspot- Characters of the Week (March 15-March 21, 2015)

Characters of the Week

Hey TV addicts,

The shows went all out this week! I’m very impressed. You know the quality of your favourite shows are high when you’re having difficulty picking the ones for top spot. Some characters had to be paired up, I’m sorry. I couldn’t choose! It was hard enough at it was. So, hear are my many choices for the week. Hope you agree. If not, tell me why.

SPOILER ALERT: Click HERE for the list of shows I watch before you spoil your TV appetite

Heroes of the Week: Queen Anne (The Musketeers) and Charles Vane (Black Sails)

These characters were all about the greater good this week. Queen Anne was facing death by treason but she told those Musketeers ‘screw it’, her King and child needed her. It’s that kind of courage and determination which makes her such a true queen. I also did a bit of research and found that the actual Queen Anne of France was just as spectacular. Then there was Charles Vane, who shocked us with the declaration to save Flint from their new enemies. Yes, the same Flint he was poised to kill a couple of days ago. Such heart, such courage. But, we know he’s only in it to tell the British to f-off.

In true Vane style.

In true Vane style.

Villains of the Week: Comte de Rochefort and Lady Marguerite (The Musketeers)

I could only shake my head in disgust when I saw these two in the episode. Lady Marguerite could have spoken to Aramis about Rochefort’s threats. Why did she think she was so alone? Stupid. Then, it only got worse and Rochefort got ruthless. Half poisoning the King, isolating the child, killing the nice doctor and then threatening to kill Constance?! He’s worse than the Cardinal!

He even looks more sinister.

He even looks more sinister.

Underdog of the Week: Eugene Porter (The Walking Dead)

Aww, Eugene finally found his footing in the crew. Just in time too because I like Tara. For a coward, he knows how to shoot with load on his shoulders and he was quite good with thinking on his feet. Oh my gosh. Is Eugene secretly a bad-ass soldier and he’s just using that cover of a cowardly liar to be underestimated until his warrior-like training is needed the most? It would make a lot of sense since the show is based off a comic.

100 points to Eugene!

100 points to Eugene!

Creep of the Week: Mimi Rose and Ace (Girls)

I will admit my subjectivity when I placed these two weirdos in this spot. Maybe they don’t have enough creep in them for other people but the way these two think and react to certain things have me wondering if people like them exist. In real life. Impossible. I mean, admitting jealousy is one thing but admitting jealousy and then saying you must choose who to be with, in front of the two parties, and then choosing no one is just a messy, wtf moment. Let’s not forget the time when Mimi Rose included her abortion when she listed her day of activities. Am I convincing you? Good.

"I choose myself" 0_0 Why is this a scene??

“I choose myself” 0_0 Why is this a scene??

You can only shake your head at such things because your head space is not worthy of such logic.

Village Idiot: Gabriel Stokes (The Walking Dead)

Unlike this week’s creep, the village idiot is pretty self-explanatory if you watched the last week’s Walking Dead episode. The gang has been forgiving Father Gabriel too many times because of his choice of clothing. Like if they deign to turn their back on an ex-pastor, God will strike them down with lightening. Listen, if he’s conflicted of his beliefs, then frankly, it’s okay to abandon him. Now, he’s stirring up rumors in Alexandria. This can only end with a bullet in his head.

EXACTLY like this.

EXACTLY like this.

Twist of the Week: The Flash

With a good twist, there is shock factor after a solid buildup. On shock factor alone, four shows sure hit me in the face, which leads to my next category. But if I weigh in my requirement for best twist, it has to be The Flash. Anyone who is a superhero fan (cinematic and comic book) knows the Flash can time travel and multiply. Us fans knew it was coming…we just didn’t expect it in the first season! He was saving everyone from the tsunami about to hit town and then he goes back in time?! Already? Wow. And let’s not forget Cisco’s heart-breaking death. It technically doesn’t exist anymore but I can’t unsee it.

Still can't unsee it...

Still can’t unsee it…

Shock of the Week: Black Sails

Black Sails is like the poster show for the saying ‘when shit hits the fan’. Come on people, I could not have been the only one who paused the episode after Miranda Barlow died from that shocking headshot. I couldn’t have been the only one! I think I was in a stupor until Charles Vane decided to be a hero because I couldn’t believe the escalation! One minute she alive and screaming and the next minute she’s interrupted…by her death.

Gosh, what an interruption.

Gosh, what an interruption.

Bad-ass of the Week: Bobbi Morse/Mockingbird (Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D)

This woman could care less that you have superpowers or come from outer space. You attack her and she will come after you.  I loved her fight with Karla. I loved her fight with Vin-Tak. It seems with those two silver bats, she can do anything. Bobbi Morse gives no shits about what you’re made of and she’ll make you know this!

She really didn't stand a chance.

She really didn’t stand a chance.

Hottie of the Week: Russel (Scandal)

I think I would be doing a feminine sin if I did not place Russel in the Hottie of the week category. Hello Russel!  With his body, I don’t think anyone blames Olivia for her impromptu activity besides the location. She still sleeps with a gun and has multiple locks on the door. I see a plot hole, writers. Anyway, I’m going to stop talking. Russel is seen below.

*Wooo!* (This is how I know we're all ready for Magic Mike 2)

*Wooo!* (This is how I know we’re all ready for Magic Mike 2)


Shock of the Week: Arrow and Scandal. I’m on the fence with Arrow’s shocker because I’m pretty sure we all saw Shado die. I can’t imagine a scenario where she is suddenly ressurected from the dead. She must be a twin. Until the explanation, it’s still a shocker. For a seldom Scandal watcher, this episode would have won the spot.What Huck did was so unexpected…and also, so Huck. If I wrote about every shock factor Huck brings to the table, I would be here all night.

Happy TV week, addicts!

Give me your feedback! XD

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