TV Hotspot-Characters of the Week (March 22-March 28, 2015)

Characters of the Week

Hey TV addicts.

This week will just have the regular list of categories, which may or may not be due to the fact that I haven’t watched the last episode for Black Sails season 2. Apologies, apologies, Black Sails fans: I am binge-watching Empire. But I will watch it and then make a post about it. How’s that for a make-up hug?

SPOILER ALERT: Click HERE for the list of shows I watch before you spoil your TV appetite

Heroine of the Week: Michonne (The Walking Dead)

This madonna is trying to keep everyone and everything together. I have to respect that. It’s not easy being the level-headed glue when everyone else is slowly going over the edge. Carol is just about synonymous with soulless. Sasha has the impossible decision to rid the entire world of zombies (at least she’s proactive) and Rick is becoming hysterical from being away from the depressing outside world. It’s crazy.


Let’s hope she punched the crazy out of him.

Villains of the Week: Michael’s Parents (Scandal)

Don’t know who Michael is? It’s Cryus’ prostitute bae who he now has to marry. Oh yeah, some of you are now saying. Mhm. I forgot his name in five minutes as well. But Michael showed us his sensitivity and I felt it in my heart and soul. He is just like every unaccepted homosexual with asshole parents. And they were true, true assholes. His father said Michael’s sexuality made him sick, but it made me sick when they said they only came to acknowledge him because of the money. Ugh. It literally turned my stomach and I wondered why Michael didn’t stab them both with his butter knife.

*makes stabbing motions at the screen*

*makes stabbing motions at the screen*

Underdog of the Week: Deadshot/Floyd Lawton (Arrow)

You know the goodness in people when it comes down to the wire and one person must sacrifice himself for all. I’m sure none of us expected Deadshot to be the one to play hero. Diggle very much included. But his backstory (his wife should have stuck with him…PTSD is no joke) shows that it was his day of reckoning. Let’s hope he made it out alive.

RATINGS, my friend.

RATINGS, my friend.

Creep of the Week: Rick Grimes (The Walking Dead)

Come on, you all knew this was coming. From the moment, Rick let out that hysterical laugh, you all knew he HAD to be the creep of the week. It’s sad though. I thought he would loosen up after he settled inside the community. But nope. That kind of environment does not go well with his ‘ride or die’ attitude. Michonne had to remind him of that.

Um...okay Rick 0_0

Um…okay Rick 0_0

Village Idiot: Victoria Grayson and Margaux LeMarchal (Revenge)

Victoria is an idiot for allowing Margaux to pursue her useless revenge fix while she was pregnant. Margaux, well she was a bad mother. Now, I don’t like to use that term lightly…but this is a fictional character, I got dibs. She’s a horrible mother. If she wanted to pursue this unnecessary-to-the-plot-why-am-I-still-watching-this-show scheme, she could have waited until after she had the child. Daniel didn’t like her crap so he asked the Big Man Upstairs to take his son away from her. I would do the same thing.

Siiiiiigggghhhh. I need to stop watching this show.

Siiiiiigggghhhh. I need to stop watching this show.

And I will not talk about the ending of last week’s Scandal no matter how much I want to.I’ll just leave a link to the real dynamics of the Fitz/Olivia relationship because, come on, Olivia, single life fits you so well.

Here we go again! She will be in his bed by morning.

Happy TV week, addicts.

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